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Nikon's Coolpix 775 digital camera. Copyright (c) 2001, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Digital Secrets examines Coolpix 775!
(Monday, July 30, 2001 - 23:43 EDT)

Peter iNova reviews Nikon's ultra-compact digicam...

The folks at the Digital Secrets website have posted a review of Nikon's Coolpix 775, a lightweight, ultra-compact digital camera first announced on April 25th of this year, and a model we recently reviewed ourselves. Peter concludes:
"This is a playful camera serious photographers can like so it is a serious camera playful photographers should like.

As a pocket camera, its small size, self-capping lens, image quality and 6.5 oz weight go far in making it appealing. As an unobtrusive camera it will let you get away with shooting serious images in places where serious cameras are forbidden.

The operating system isn't fully functioned the way the 995 OS is, but it has enough flexibility to cover better than 95% of your setups. I like it more than I thought I would."
For more on this, read the full Digital Secrets review - then get a second opinion in our own Nikon Coolpix 775 review.

Source: Digital Secrets website

Original Source Press Release:

Immediate Release 775 Hands On!

The DigitalSecrets.Net web site has a lead story summarizing the first two days with a full production model Coolpix 775.

Example images and the particular concerns of photographer/writer Peter iNova are presented.

Not a technical review, it's a feature summary with commentary on real-world experiences the author has had during his first few days with the camera.

A 1:1 cropped, downloadable example comparing the 950 to the 775 is imbedded.

"I was frankly surprised to see how very close it is to the image quality of the 950," said iNova, "The colorimetry, tonality, exposure and detail are so close that Mom Can't Tell which camera produced which print."

The combined First Look and Hands On reports can be seen on the DigitalSecrets.Net website here:


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