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Thursday, May 31, 2001

Konica KD-200Z specs and photos!
18:00 EDT - Konica digicam we first showed you at PMA becomes official...

We have now added the second of Konica's new announcements, the Digital Revio KD-200Z digital camera to our database... The KD-200Z, which we first told you about back at the PMA show in Orlando last February,... (More)

Canon announces EOS D30 firmware update!
13:09 EDT - New firmware prevents camera lock-up problem...

Canon Japan has today released an update to the firmware for its Canon EOS D30 SLR digital camera. Firmware version, which is already installed in cameras starting with serial number xxx600000,... (More)

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Full review posted for Olympus C-700 UltraZoom!
23:42 EDT - Dave tries out the world's most compact 10x optical zoom digital camera...

Well, "Ultra" it definitely is! Olympus has somehow managed to shoehorn a 10x telescoping zoom lens into a body that's nearly identical to that on their popular 2040/3040 series cameras. This is by *far*... (More)

Konica KD-300Z specs and photos!
19:12 EDT - Latest Konica digicam looks almost identical to Kyocera's S3 - but who makes it?

We have now added Konica's just-announced Digital Revio KD-300Z digital camera to our database, and in the process of doing so noticed something rather interesting... The camera looks almost identical... (More)

Fuji Japan announces new MP3 digicam! (UPDATED)
14:16 EDT - Replacement for existing FinePix 40i won't reach US shores...

As promised yesterday, we have now added Fuji's newly announced FinePix 50i digital camera to our database. The camera is an update to Fuji's existing FinePix 40i model, and according to our contacts... (More)

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Pentax announces tiny new 3mpix digicam!
18:32 EDT - Pentax Optio 330 is the smallest three megapixel, 3x optical zoom digicam...

As promised earlier, we have now added Pentax' newly announced Optio 330 digital camera to our database. The camera is incredibly small, for a 3 megapixel unit with 3x optical zoom - in fact a quick check... (More)

Kodak chops price on 3600 film scanner! (UPDATED)
17:56 EDT - Kodak cuts $300 from their pro-level RFS 3600 film scanner, throws in a 'passle of free film!

Well, this is an interesting twist! Kodak has not only chopped the price of their RFS 3600 film scanner by $300 (making a current list price of only $999), but are throwing in 100 rolls (3600 exposures)... (More)

4 new digicams? Make that 5!
17:39 EDT - Our friends in Holland turn up yet another new digicam...

The fine folks over at the website in Holland have added a 5th new digital camera to today's announcements... As with the previous announcements, Mike's feeling pretty under-the-weather... (More)

New camera announcements aplenty!
13:32 EDT - Japan gets busy, with four new digital cameras announced...

We're aware of the four new digital cameras announced by our friend Yamada Kumio on his website today - thanks to the readers who've emailed us about this... I'm unfortunately feeling... (More)

Monday, May 28, 2001

Toshiba 4 megapixel digicam - samples online!
17:06 EDT - It may be the Memorial Day holiday weekend in the USA, but news continues to come in from the rest of the world...

Toshiba Japan has today announced its new PDR-M81 digital camera, our friend Yamada Kumio reports on his website. The Allegretto PDR-M81 features a 4 megapixel CCD image sensor, 2.8x... (More)

Nikon posts Coolpix 880 firmware update!
14:03 EDT - New camera firmware fixes two main bugs...

Nikon has released on its website a firmware update for the Coolpix 880 digital camera. Firmware version 1.1 for the Coolpix 880 has the following changes over version 1.0: Improved camera operation with... (More)

Steve reviews Sima's Image Bank!
13:50 EDT - First review of new image storage device looks pretty positive...

Our good friends over at Steve's Digicams have posted a review of the Sima Image Bank CP-150, an interesting portable storage solution that is offered with a 3.2GB hard disk drive, or in a driveless version... (More)

Friday, May 25, 2001

Ritz Camera to rebadge Lexar flash!
21:30 EDT - US retailer will sell Lexar's flash under its own name...

A press release from Lexar Media Inc. announces that retailer Ritz Camera Centers Inc. will rebadge its flash cards in the USA, selling them under the name 'Ritz Big Print Digital Film by Lexar Media'.... (More)

Objectif Numerique reviews Ricoh RDC-i500!
19:10 EDT - Laurent Katz tries out Ricoh's unusual 'image capturing device'...

We first told you about Ricoh's RDC-i500 digital camera, which the company refers to as an 'image capturing device', back on March 22nd, and today we can point you to the first review we've seen of the... (More)

Canon PowerShot S110 full review posted!
12:29 EDT - Dave gets hands-on with the latest Digital ELPH from Canon...

We confess we were a bit surprised by this one: When Canon announced the S300 a little while back, we figured that would be the update to their popular minicam, the original S100. It appears thought, that... (More)

Thursday, May 24, 2001

DCRP reviews Canon CP-10 printer!
13:31 EDT - Jeff Keller looks at Canon's CP-10 Card Photo Printer...

Our friends over at the Digital Camera Resource Page have posted a review of Canon's CP-10 Card Photo Printer, a portable dye-sublimation printer that creates prints roughly the size of a credit card.... (More)

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Digicams in 18% of US Households in 2001!
10:01 EDT - Infotrends has announced the results of a recent study, indicating that digital cameras will show an 18% penetration of US households by the end of this year.

Wow, that's significant! - By the end of this year, almost one out of every five US households will have a digital camera! (No wonder our traffic keeps going up!) See the Infotrends press release below... (More)

Quicker, Easier 3D Objects from Kaidan, Autolycus
09:29 EDT - The quick/easy way to 3D object capture: A motorized turntable and a DV video recorder!

This is one of those things that just seems to make sense: Rather than laboriously snapping individual stills of an object to build-up a 3D image of it, why not just set it spinning on a turntable, and... (More)

Note: Server time change!
04:45 EDT - After posting our Minolta news items below on the dot of 3AM EST (the time Minolta gave us to go live with their big news), Mike noticed that once again our server has decided to change its time zone - for reasons known only to itself. Not only that, but it did so after being set to the correct zone only a few minutes previous to the items being posted! Until we have some spare time to figure out what keeps causing the problem, we've changed the times on our news items to reflect what time zone the server keeps setting itself to - Central time. We'll post again once we revert the news page to Eastern time... Apologies for any inconvenience!

Full review posted for Minolta Dimage 7!
03:00 EDT - Full review of Minolta's just-announced Dimage 7, which features a whopping 5.2 megapixel image sensor and 7x optical zoom lens...

This could be the most significant digicam announcement of the year: When we first saw an early mockup of Minolta's new Dimage 7 camera at this year's PMA in Orlando (Feburary, 2001), it looked like a... (More)

Minolta announces DiMAGE 5, DiMAGE 7!
03:00 EDT - Minolta's new SLR-style digicams with their innovative electronic viewfinders get their official worldwide launch...

Minolta has today officially announced its DiMAGE 5 and DiMAGE 7 digital cameras, which we first told you about at the PMA 2001 show in Orlando. Not many details were released at that time, the official... (More)

Minolta announces DiMAGE S304!
03:00 EDT - 3 megapixel, 4x zoom digicam which first showed up at PMA is now official...

Minolta has today officially announced its DiMAGE S304 digital camera, which we first told you about a little over two months ago at the PMA 2001 show in Orlando. At that time, little was known of the... (More)

Minolta announces new DiMAGE for European market!
03:00 EDT - DiMAGE E201 updates the existing Dimâge 2300 with new features; camera won't sell in the USA...

Minolta has today announced a new digital camera on the European marketplace, in the form of the Minolta DiMAGE E201. The camera is an update to the Dimâge 2300, and adds movie capability, a new processor... (More)

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Nikon selects SanDisk flash for Coolpix 775!
14:25 EDT - Digital camera manufacturer remains brand-neutral with its latest product lines...

A press release today from SanDisk Corp. announces that Nikon Inc. has selected its 8MB Type-I CompactFlash card for inclusion in its Nikon Coolpix 775 camera bundle. The Coolpix 775, billed as the world's... (More)

Monday, May 21, 2001

Nikon onboard with Epson's PRINT Image Matching!
17:17 EDT - Coolpix 995 to support Epson's technology that frees users from the limitations of sRGB...

Nikon has today simultaneously announced availability plans for its D1X digital camera, and an addition to its Coolpix 995 digital camera on its Japanese website. The first point on the page notes that... (More)

DCRP reviews PowerShot A10, A20!
15:21 EDT - Jeff Keller compares Canon's entry-level Powershot digicams...

Our good friends over at the Digital Camera Resource Page have just posted a 2-in-1 review of Canon's Powershot A10 and A20 digital cameras. The two cameras are extremely similar (hence the reason Jeff... (More)

Qimage gets 48-bit TIFF, more!
14:44 EDT - Qimage Pro 2001's latest release adds support for 48-bit TIFF; several new ICC color profiles now available as well...

An email from Mike Chaney, author of the popular (and highly recommended!) imaging utility Qimage Pro 2001 emailed us over the weekend with news of a new version. Qimage Pro 2001 v1.6 has the following... (More)

Microdrive capacities to get a big boost!
12:59 EDT - IBM increases hard drive densities with a sprinkling of 'pixie dust'...

A news item on c|net's News.Com website predicts significant increases in hard drive capacities from IBM... c|net's Richard Shim and John G. Spooner report that the new technology, which adds a three atom... (More)

Friday, May 18, 2001

Sony brings Picture Paradise to the US!
16:01 EDT - Software allows Sony digicam users to put their own face in PlayStation 2 video games...

Sony Electronics' Picture Paradise software, long available in Japan and compatible with a number of Sony digital cameras, is now coming to the USA according to a press release from the company. The software... (More)

Rob Galbraith reviews Kodak's DCS 760!
10:50 EDT - An in-depth look at Kodak's latest 6 megapixel Pro SLR from a pro photographer...

Our good friend Rob Galbraith over at the Rob Galbraith Online website has posted an in-depth review of Kodak's DCS 760 professional digital SLR, accompanied by numerous sample images. Rob is definitely... (More)

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Full review posted for Canon PowerShot A10!
13:03 EDT - Dave tries out Canon's value-priced 1.3 megapixel 3x zoom digicam...

Last week, we reviewed Canon's PowerShot A20 camera, and were very impressed with its picture quality and color fidelity. This week, we've looked at the A20's little brother, the 1.3 megapixel PowerShot... (More)

Kodak Pro announces 'Innovator Awards'
12:02 EDT - Company to showcase creativity in large-format inkjet printing at Seybold SF...

Eastman Kodak Co. has distributed a press release announcing that it is now accepting entries for its second annual 'Innovator Awards', with the winning entries to be displayed at Seybold 2001 in San Francisco,... (More)

DCRP tries out Sony's DSC-S75!
10:12 EDT - Jeff Keller gets 'hands-on' with Sony's 3.3 megapixel, 3x zoom compact digicam, which features MemoryStick storage and an array of manual features...

Our friends over at the Digital Camera Resource Page have now posted their full review of Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-S75 digital camera. Jeff concludes: "With the Cyber-shot DSC-S75, Sony has a very competitive... (More)

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

PhotoAccess offers new uses for your photos!
19:12 EDT - Online photofinisher puts that special photo everywhere from the wallet to the puzzle-board...

Online photo-sharing and photofinishing company has distributed a press release noting that it has added a number of new photo-customised products for members to choose from. As well as... (More)

SiPix contracts IDEO for new product designs!
18:00 EDT - Palo Alto-based design consultancy to develop new digital products...

A press release from SiPix Group Ltd. subsidiary SiPix Inc. notes that it has contracted IDEO, well-known for such memorable designs as 3Com's Audrey Internet appliance, HandSpring's Visor Edge and Palm... (More)

Kodak's OLED displays getting closer to market!
15:22 EDT - British company signs license for organic light-emitting diode technology...

Eastman Kodak Co.'s Organic LED display technology, which we first told you about back in February 1999 is now nearing the market, it seems. The company has today distributed a press release noting that... (More)

Monday, May 14, 2001

DPReview posts Olympus C-700 review!
23:04 EDT - Phil Askey looks at Olympus' latest 'UltraZoom' digicam...

Our friends over at the Digital Photography Review website have posted a full review of Olympus' C-700 UltraZoom digital camera. Phil concludes: "The C-700UZ offers a lot for the money, a big 10x optical... (More)

Steve goes into a review frenzy! ;)
11:58 EDT - Its one a day for the folks at Steve's Digicams, as they review three of the latest digital cameras to be announced...

Our good friend Steve Sanders has redefined the word busy over at his Steve's Digicams website, posting no less then three new reviews in three days... First up, Steve looks at Kodak's 2 megapixel, fixed-focus... (More)

Epson announces new PhotoPC digicam!
01:00 EDT - Update to PhotoPC 3000Z adds Print Image Matching, faster shutter speeds...

Epson America Inc. will today announce the latest addition to its PhotoPC digital camera line, the PhotoPC 3100Z. An update to the existing PhotoPC 3000Z, the 3100Z adds print image matching, faster shutter... (More)

Saturday, May 12, 2001

Full review posted for Canon PowerShot A20 camera!
14:01 EDT - Dave gets hands-on with Canon's new 3x zoom, 2.1 megapixel 'value priced' digicam...

Based on what we're seeing from several manufacturers, the low/mid range of digicams has never looked so good. The latest camera we've reviewed is the Canon PowerShot A20, a midrange 2.1 megapixel camera... (More)

Friday, May 11, 2001

Inkzone offers low-cost ink for Arizona inkjet!
1:57 EDT - A press release from retailer Inkzone notes that it is now offering low-cost inks for Gretag's Arizona wide-format inkjet printers. The inks, manufactured by Stockport, England-based Lyson Ltd., are claimed to offer similar color and durability performance to OEM inks, but at half the price. Full details are in the press release below... (More)

Imerge analyses impact of CMOS on wireless!
13:09 EDT - Ron Tussy predicts new CMOS technologies will help create revenues for wireless imaging...

A press release distributed by Ron Tussy of Imerge Consulting Group looks at the emerging market for wireless imaging, and predicts that new CMOS technologies could potentially have a big impact. Pointing... (More)

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Canon announces PowerShot S110 Digital ELPH!
17:27 EDT - Update to PowerShot S100 adds movie support, direct printing and more...

Canon has today announced its new PowerShot S110 Digital ELPH digital camera, an update to the existing S100 model with a number of additions. The PowerShot S110 includes AVI MotionJPEG movie support... (More)

Full review posted for Olympus 'Brio' D-100 digicam!
10:44 EDT - Dave tries out Olympus' 1.3 megapixel entry-level digicam, first in the new 'Brio' family...

This is going to be a good year for cameras at the low end of the market, as manufacturers bring the technology for optics and color management in the higher end models down market to more affordable cameras.... (More)

DCRP reviews C-700UZ, C-3040Z!
10:39 EDT - It's Olympus Review Day at the Digital Camera Resource Page, as two of the company's latest cameras go under Jeff's 'microscope'... ;)

Our good friend Jeff Keller has today posted not one, but two new reviews at the Digital Camera Resource Page. Jeff starts off with the first review we've seen on Olympus' 10x optical zoom C-700 UltraZoom,... (More)

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Full review of Canon Bubble Jet S800 Photo Printer posted!
13:20 EDT - Canon's six-color, 1,200dpi photo printer undergoes the Imaging Resource review treatment...

We've just completed our full review of Canon's newest photo-quality inkjet printer, the Bubble Jet S800. We've personally always owned Epson inkjets in the past, but this latest from Canon could change... (More)

Kodak DX digicams use Texas Instruments' technology!
12:07 EDT - Recently announced DX3500 and DX3600 follow in footsteps of mc3 'multimedia device'...

A press release from Texas Instruments Inc. notes that Kodak's recently announced DX3500 and DX3600 digital cameras are based on its TMS320DSC21 programmable DSP-based processor. The DSC21 integrates... (More)

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

DPReview tries out Nikon's Coolpix 995!
15:53 EDT - Phil Askey posts review of Nikon's latest swivel-body digicam...

The fine folks over at the Digital Photography Review website have today posted their review of Nikon's Coolpix 995, an update to the swivel-body Coolpix 995 with a 4x optical zoom lens, popup flash, CompactFlash... (More)

Steve's Digicams posts Finecam S3 first look!
13:15 EDT - Steve Sanders tries out a pre-production digicam from Kyocera...

Our friends over at the Steve's Digicams website have posted a first-look report on Kyocera's Finecam S3, the diminutive digital camera we first broke news of at the PMA show on February 10th (it was later... (More)

Olympus announces Camedia D-510 Zoom! (UPDATED)
10:00 EDT - Replacement for D-490Z is smaller, lighter and features USB connectivity...

Following on from its announcement of the Brio D-150 digicam this morning, Olympus has announced a second new camera, the Camedia D-510 Zoom. The new model is a replacement for the existing D-490 Zoom,... (More)

Olympus announces Camedia Brio D-150! (UPDATED)
10:00 EDT - New entry level camera features 3x optical zoom...

Olympus today has announced a second digital camera in its 'Brio' line, the D-150. About 20 grams heavier and 1mm deeper than the previous $250 D-100 model, the D-150 has an expected street price of $399,... (More)

Monday, May 7, 2001

Ricoh, ActivePhoto ally on wireless imaging!
16:12 EDT - Japanese office automation and imaging company and wireless imaging company to cooperate...

Ricoh Corp. and ActivePhoto have today jointly announced an alliance which will see Ricoh's RDC-i700 digital camera working with ActivePhoto's wireless imaging service. ActivePhoto will also offer the... (More)

Steve posts PowerShot A10 Zoom review!
12:42 EDT - Our friends at Steve's Digicams look at Canon's entry level digicam...

Steve Sanders of the Steve's Digicams website has now posted his review of Canon's PowerShot A10 Zoom, a 1.3 megapixel digicam with 3x optical zoom aimed at the entry level market. Steve concludes: "The... (More)

Saturday, May 5, 2001

Silicon Film about to ship (e)film product!
10:30 EDT - Long (!!) awaited 'digital film cartridge finally available to order...

IR reader PJ Heller dropped us a note this morning with news that he'd received an email from Silicon Film, the company (once known as Imagek) who've developed a system for allowing certain film cameras... (More)

Friday, May 4, 2001

E-Color user base sees rapid growth!
20:40 EDT - 30+ million users expected by 2003...

E-Color Inc., whose server-side color correction technology provides a way to ensure that what customers see on-screen is what arrives when they order, has today distributed a press release noting that... (More)

New version of Qimage Pro 2001 released!
18:45 EDT - Version 1.5 improves raw file output and adds some new tools...

An email from our friend Mike Chaney, author of popular imaging utility Qimage Pro 2001, alerted us to a new version of the program today. Qimage Pro 2001 v1.5 has the following additions and changes... (More)

SCM announces new ZiO! reader, price cut! (UPDATED)
12:04 EDT - Card reader line gets a price cut and a new model...

SCM Microsystems Inc. has today announced that it has added a new model to its line of ZiO! card readers. The new ZiO! supports Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard flash cards, which are used in Panasonic's... (More)

Don't forget: Mother's Day is on its way!
11:39 EDT - With only a little over a week until Mother's Day, American readers can find a little assistance in our 'Gift Guide'...

Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13th) is fast approaching, and with only a little over a week to go there's not much time left for the difficult task of selecting just the right gift... With that in mind, we've... (More)

Thursday, May 3, 2001

Full review of Sony FD87 online!
20:08 EDT - Dave tries out Sony's 1.3 megapixel, 3X optical zoom Mavica, the latest to feature floppy disk storage...

This will wrap up our Sony digicam coverage for the next little bit (at least until their ever-active engineers come up with yet *another* camera for us to review). The MVC-FD87 is a pure floppy-disk based... (More)

Lexar, Olympus ink licensing agreement!
20:02 EDT - Flash and camera manufacturers agree to cooperate...

A press release today from Lexar Media Inc. announces that it has signed an agreement with Olympus Optical Co. that will see the two companies cooperating in the future. Olympus will receive a non-exclusive... (More)

Infotrends expects rocky road for online photofinishing!
15:35 EDT - Real-world figures for per-user income well below expectations...

Market research company Infotrends Research Group Inc. has announced in a press release its latest report, 'Online Photo Services Forecast - Playing by New Rules'. The report, by Infotrends' Lia Schubert,... (More) May 2001 edition now online!
15:13 EDT - posts May 2001 edition; 4 new camera reviews, 2 new articles and the usual selection of reader photos...

Our friends at the bilingual (French/English) website have now posted their May 2001 edition... Reviews this month include the Casio QV-3EX and QV-2800UX, Olympus C-3040Z and Fuji FinePix... (More)

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Extend the life of your SmartMedia cards!
13:20 EDT - Dave tracks down the cause of the infamous SmartMedia card deaths...

Over on our forums, we've noticed a number of reports from readers of SmartMedia cards mysteriously dying after a relatively short period of use. We'd likewise noticed one of our own SmartMedia cards... (More)

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Fuji launches US product tour, $15,000 sweepstakes!
12:59 EDT - FinePix Truck rolls off on 'Picture of America™' tour...

Fuji Photo Film USA Inc. has today announced its 'Picture of America™' tour, designed to educate consumers about digital imaging. The company has created a 75-foot rolling 'information center' in... (More)

Neoseeker reviews Olympus E-10!
11:56 EDT - Daryl Grant tries Olympus' 4 megapixel, 4x optical zoom SLR-style digicam...

The Neoseeker website has posted a full review of Olympus' E-10 digital camera. Reviewer Daryl Grant concludes: "Although I brought up a couple of noteworthy downsides, taken as a whole the E-10 is an... (More)

Olympus USA officially announces new SLR plans!
10:25 EDT - Development of camera first announced in Japan now 'official' in the USA...

Olympus USA has today officially announced the development of a new SLR digital camera design featuring interchangeable lenses and a 4/3" CCD. We first told you about this development last Friday, and... (More)

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