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Friday, May 28, 2004

creative_xtreme_cd.jpg PRESS RELEASE: Auto FX Offers $199 Creative Xtreme Bundle
14:35 EDT - Auto FX Software has announced a unique bundle of products for professional designers, photographers and photo enthusiasts. The Creative Xtreme 2004 Bundle includes DreamSuite Series One, DreamSuite Gel Series, Corel KnockOut 2, Corel KPT Collection and Corel Bryce 5. The Creative Xtreme Bundle is offered exclusively by Auto FX Software for $199. Customers who purchase the Creative Xtreme bundle receive... (More)

Nikon's Coolpix 4100 digital camera. Courtesy of Nikon, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Nikon announces Coolpix 4100 digital camera
00:01 EDT - Nikon USA has today announced its new Coolpix 4100 digital camera, based on the same design as the existing Coolpix 2200 and 3200 models, but using a four megapixel CCD imager.

The Coolpix 4100 shares the same F2.8 - F4.9, 35 - 105mm equivalent 3x optical zoom lens used in the Coolpix 3200. Other features include an real-image zoom optical viewfinder, 1.6", 80,000 pixel LCD... (More)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

digphotohacks.jpg PRESS RELEASE: Transform Your Camera into a Magic Photo Machine
18:19 EDT - O'Reilly Releases 'Digital Photography Hacks' Sebastopol, CA -- The excitement that most of us felt at owning our first camera was often tempered by the pressure to take "good" photographs. Unless money was no object or you were extraordinarily gifted, the cost and inconvenience of developing film precluded taking photos just for the heck of it. Digital cameras have changed that, offering new outlets... (More)

REINDEERGRAPHICS.GIF PRESS RELEASE: Reindeer Graphics Revises Free Adaptive Equalization Plug-In
15:52 EDT - Reindeer Graphics, Inc. has announced the first major revision to one of its most popular free plug-ins. Adaptive Equalization, which can greatly enhance local contrast in images, has been updated to include a larger preview and an improved blending function. Adaptive Equalization is one of many state-of-the-art image processing algorithms that can be found in Fovea Pro, the company's suite of tools... (More)

CodedColorbox.gif PRESS RELEASE: 1STEIN releases English version of CodedColor PhotoStudio 3.4
15:45 EDT - 1STEIN is now offering an English version of their image management software CodedColor PhotoStudio 3.4. With this new application for Windows systems, digital photography enthusiasts will find a wide range of functions for importing, viewing, managing, enhancing, sharing, publishing and reproducing photos in a single application, which has received many awards from known download portals. CodedColor... (More)

Nikon's Coolpix 3200 digital camera. Copyright © 2004, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Review posted for Nikon Coolpix 3200!
12:17 EDT - While Nikon is best known for their "high end" cameras and lenses, they've done a good job of meeting the needs of novice shooters too.

They pioneered the concept of extensive "scene modes" to let inexperienced users bring back good-looking photos from what would otherwise be challenging situations, and at the low end of their line have... (More)

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Reallusion's FaceFilter Studio. Click to visit the FaceFilter Studio website! Reallusion updates FaceFilter
23:43 EDT - Regular readers may remember we told you last year about a useful tool from San Jose-based Reallusion Inc. called FaceFilter, that aimed to help amateur photographers to correct common flaws in their portrait photos.

FaceFilter is a standalone PC-only program that lets you correct something most photographers will be familiar with - that one person who just refuses to smile for photos, or blinks at the slightest hint... (More)

6mpix Panasonic digicam on the way?
18:06 EDT - A report from the Chinese-language newspaper "Economic Daily News", detailed in an article from, suggests that Panasonic (and probably other manufacturers) will soon begin sales of a 6 megapixel digital camera sourced from Taiwanese manufacturer Ability Enterprise Co. Ltd.

According to the digitimes article, Ability (also known as ABiCO) is aiming its new model at channel distributors in the US and Europe in the second half of this year. The camera is rumored to have MPEG4... (More)

SanDisk's logo. Click here to visit the SanDisk website! PRESS RELEASE: SanDisk introduces world's first 6-in-1 PC card adapter
17:32 EDT - Easy Solution To Transfer Images, Music and Data From Flash Memory Devices Such as PDAs, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones and MP3 Players NEW YORK CITY, NY, MAY 24, 2004 - SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) today introduced the world's first 6-in-1 PC Card Adapter, giving notebook computer users the largest number of card formats for moving files to and from flash memory devices such as digital cameras,... (More)

Nikon's logo. Click here to visit the Nikon website! PRESS RELEASE: Nikon's New DS-5Mc-U1 Digital Photomicrographic Camera System Enables Low Light Imagery Application Support
16:58 EDT - Integrated System Lets Microscopes and Digital Cameras to Work Seamlessly in Scientific Research Environments MELVILLE, N.Y., May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Nikon Instruments Inc., a leader in the development of advanced optical microscopy, today unveiled a digital color cooled camera head, the DS-5Mc, and the DS-U1 camera control unit, featuring superior microscope control, digital viewing and capture of... (More)

Funai's logo. Click here to visit the Funai website! Kodak outsources EasyShare manufacturing
16:29 EDT - A press release from Japanese consumer electronic manufacturer Funai Electric Co. Ltd. announces that the company is to begin manufacturing digital still cameras on behalf of Eastman Kodak Co.

Funai, which was founded in 1961 as a manufacturer of audio products, now makes everything from microwave ovens and air conditioners to televisions, inkjet printers and camcorders. The company's products... (More)

Friday, May 21, 2004

Sigma: 18-125mm lens pricing, availability
13:03 EDT - Sigma Japan has now announced pricing and availability for its 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 lens, first unveiled in mid-March.

To be offered in Sigma and Canon mounts from June 26th, Nikon mount from early July, and Pentax mount at a later unspecified date, the lens will cost ¥45,000 (approximately equivalent to US$401 / €334... (More)

Notice: Possible server maintenance
12:54 EDT - Visitors to the site in the early morning hours (Eastern US time) over the next few days may experience some short outages.

We're working on troubleshooting an intermittent hardware problem, the source of which thus far has proven elusive. This unfortunately requires the server to be powered down and rebooted occasionally,... (More)

EnvisionLogoWords.jpg Envision Reinvents the Slide Show
12:14 EDT - Our on-going Slide Show Project has been reporting different ways of creating a slide show of still images for several years. It's a bit like a recurring dream in which we find ourselves in a familiar predicament, try a new approach but, in the end, still wake up screaming. This week, however, we ran across Envision from Open Door Networks, a unique approach that, while still in beta (and thus fitting our budget), runs like a dream. At least for Mac OS X users.

Envision caught our eye for several reasons. It can, like Beholder from Mesa Dynamics (, scour a Web site (or any local folder) for image files. Unlike Beholder's thumbnail... (More)

Thursday, May 20, 2004

EXTENSIS.GIF PRESS RELEASE: Extensis Ships Portfolio 7.0 for Windows
13:21 EDT - Mac version to be released later this month. Portland, Ore. -- Extensis Inc., has announced the immediate availability of its leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, Portfolio 7 and Portfolio Server 7 for Windows (Macintosh versions will be available in May). Portfolio enables photographers, graphic artists and other individuals and workgroups -- from those in small-to-medium sized organizations... (More)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Hitachi's i.mega HDC-401 digital camera. Courtesy of Hitachi, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Hitachi announces new i.mega digicam
15:55 EDT - Hitachi Japan has taken the wraps off a new entry-level ultracompact digital camera that, rather bizarrely, couples a high-resolution four megapixel imager with a fixed-focus, fixed focal length, fixed aperture lens.

Available in two colors - silver or red - the Hitachi i.mega HDC-401 is presumably aimed at the entry-level user shopping for a low-cost, high-megapixel camera (although pricing hasn't been announced... (More)

Ricoh announces Caplio GX
12:50 EDT - In a Japanese announcement from a few days ago that we've only just now had time to tend to, Ricoh has announced its new Caplio GX digital camera.

The Ricoh Caplio GX is a metal-bodied five megapixel model with a wide-angle 28-85mm equivalent 3x optical zoom lens, and offers an impressive 1cm minimum macro focusing distance.As with some of the company's... (More)

Sanyo announces two new Xacti digicams
10:44 EDT - Sanyo Japan has today announced two new Xacti digital camera models that share a similar body, but with differing sensors and lenses.

The Sanyo Xacti DSC-S3 and DSC-S4 models feature 3.2 and 4 megapixel CCD image sensors respectively. The lower-resolution DSC-S3 couples its sensor with a 3x optical zoom lens at an expected street price... (More)

Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-T11 digital camera. Courtesy of Sony, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Sony Japan temporarily halts DSC-T11 sales
08:38 EDT - Sony Japan has apparently called a temporary hiatus on sales of its tiny 5.1 megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-T11 digital camera to correct a problem discovered in initial models.

The story comes to us from good friend Yamada Kumio of the website. Yamada-san links to a Sony announcement (available in Japanese only) detailing the reason for the announcement, which... (More)

Rollei's RolleiFlex MiniDigi digital camera. Courtesy of Rollei, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Komamura delays Rolleiflex-themed digicam
08:25 EDT - Our good friend Yamada Kumio of Japanese digital photography website has noted a delay in the introduction of a camera we told you about in March.

According to Yamada-san, the Komamura Rolleiflex MiniDigi, a 2 megapixel camera updating the original 1.3 megapixel MiniDigi design that appeared on the market in March 2003, has been delayed for at least... (More)

SMaL's Ultra-Pocket 5 prototype. Courtesy of SMaL, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. PRESS RELEASE: SMaL Camera Technologies Introduces Ultra-Pocket 5 Rapid Development Kit to Enable World's Slimmest 3-Megapixel Digital Cameras
08:14 EDT - Kit Positions Manufacturers to Launch Best in Class 3MP DSCs at Retail Price Points of $129 or Below Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (May 19, 2004) - SMaL Camera Technologies, a developer of digital imaging solutions and enabler of award-winning super-thin digital still cameras, announced today its new Ultra-Pocket® 5 rapid development kit for 3-megapixel credit card cameras with color TFT display.... (More)

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Canon's PowerShot SD110 digital camera. Copyright ©2004, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Full Review posted for Canon PowerShot SD110!
17:35 EDT - Good image quality and user-friendly design has become synonymous with the ELPH name, and are the reasons why the line is so popular with a wide range of consumers.

Extending the brand name's excellent reputation in the film world, members of the digital ELPH series have always impressed me with their quality and versatility. Looking at the latest addition to the... (More)

Canon's PowerShot A75 digital camera. Copyright ©2004, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Full Review posted for Canon PowerShot A75
17:31 EDT - Canon's PowerShot A70 topped the charts in Canon's sales last year, and was easily the most popular model on the entire IR website.

And for good reason: The A70 offered a rich set of features and excellent image quality at an attractive price. This year, the PowerShot A75 appears poised to follow in the A70's footsteps. Relative to... (More)

Canon's PowerShot Pro 1 digital camera. Courtesy of Canon, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Full Review posted for Canon PowerShot Pro1
17:26 EDT - My latest review of an 8-megapixel uber-camera is of the Canon PowerShot Pro1 (I have only the Minolta DiMAGE A2 yet to go, to complete my coverage of the 8-megapixel market.)

The more I delve into the 8-megapixel models on the market, the more apparent it is that each has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. For the Pro1, I'd have to say that there are happily more... (More)

Minolta's DiMAGE G500 digital camera. Courtesy of Minolta, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Minolta DiMAGE G500 review posted
17:24 EDT - With the DiMAGE G500, Minolta took a clever Konica digicam, the KD-510Z, and repackaged it under the popular DiMAGE name.

The camera's innovative design is flexible in its acceptance of both SD/MMC cards and Sony Memory Sticks for image storage, and the rugged, stainless steel body can withstand heavy usage. The 5.0-megapixel... (More)

Canon's PowerShot S60 digital camera. Copyright ©2004, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. First Look posted for Canon PowerShot S60!
17:23 EDT - Canon's mid-sized PowerShots have been popular ever since the original S30 and S40 were introduced nearly two years ago, as they've consistently offered great image quality, a rich feature set, compact size, and great build quality.

This year, Canon's leading off with a new model that uses advanced lens technology to pack a sharp 28-100mm zoom lens into the compact body. Until now, it's been very hard to make a high-quality, wide-angle... (More)

Olympus' Camedia C-8080 Wide Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom review updated to full production status
17:21 EDT - The C-8080 Wide Zoom is Olympus' entry in the 8-megapixel derby, and what an entry it is.

I did a "First Look" at this camera back in February, but at that time the unit I had for review was an early prototype and thus not suitable for shooting test images. I've now gone back and picked apart... (More)

Canon's PowerShot S500 digital camera. Copyright ©2004, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Two reviews posted, for Canon PowerShot S410, S500
17:19 EDT - These are two of the latest digicams in Canon's perennially popular Digital ELPH line.

The Digital ELPHs are a great line of cameras, with sleek, rugged, all-metal bodies, super-compact sizes, great features, and good picture quality. These latest models are no exception, as both are worthy... (More)

Olympus and Ferrari announce new digicam
01:39 EDT - Olympus Japan has today announced a new digital camera model dubbed the "Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004", in cooperation with Ferrari S.p.A. of Italy.

The new model, celebrating Olympus' sponsorship of the Ferrari Formula One racing team, follows in the footsteps of "Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2003" (first announced in September of last year). As with that... (More)

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F88 digital camera. Copyright (c) 2004, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Sony announces new F-series Cyber-shot
01:03 EDT - Sony USA has today announced its new Cyber-shot DSC-F88 digital camera, an interesting model that uses the same lens system as the DSC-T1 in a swivel-body design similar to past F-series models - but with the addition of an optical viewfinder.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F88 has a resolution of 5.1 megapixels from a 1/2.4"-type SuperHAD CCD image sensor, yielding a maximum resolution of 2,592 x 1,944 pixels (a 3:2 mode and lower resolutions are... (More)

Monday, May 17, 2004

The StudioLine Photo 2 CD. Courtesy of H&M Systems Software, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. PRESS RELEASE: Latest Release of StudioLine Photo 2 Entices Full Spectrum of Photographers - From Amateur to Pro
14:33 EDT - More Image Editing Power, Smarter Camera Interface, RAW Added for Pros, Additional Designer Web Galleries, and Faster Database Response - All Top Off Latest Release Upper Saddle River, New Jersey; May 17, 2004 - H&M Systems Software today introduced the latest version of its flagship StudioLine Photo 2 digital imaging software. It's designed for photographers, stock houses, graphic artists, hobbyists,... (More)

FotoTime's logo. Click here to visit the FotoTime website! PRESS RELEASE: FotoTime announces FotoAlbum Pro 4.1 digital photography sharing and management software
13:55 EDT - FotoAlbum Pro 4.1 new features including archiving, importing and exporting, Video FotoShows and EXIF updating Dallas, TEXAS, April 23, 2004 - FotoTime, an online photo service specializing in sharing and organizing digital images, today announced the availability of FotoAlbum Pro 4.1. FotoAlbum Pro meets the needs of both casual users and photography enthusiasts alike by offering all the tools needed... (More)

Friday, May 14, 2004

Creo's Leaf Valeo WI digital camera back. Courtesy of Creo, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Creo introduces Leaf Wireless family
11:46 EDT - A press release from Creo Inc. heralds the launch of its new Leaf Valeo Wi family of digital camera backs at the Drupa 2004 show in Dűsseldorf, Germany.

First announced in late March, the new Leaf Valeo 22Wi and Leaf Valeo 17Wi have CCD sensor resolutions of 22 and 17 megapixels respectively, with 16-bit A/D processing, shutter speeds up to 1/500 second... (More)

Qimage gets a major update
10:17 EDT - Mike Chaney, author of popular Windows imaging utility Qimage, just emailed us to let us know he's released a new version that brings some fairly major updates to the program.

If you're not already familiar with Qimage, we'd have to rate it as one of the most consistently useful (and frequently improved) shareware imaging programs we've come across. We use it regularly ourselves,... (More)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

funtigo.gif PRESS RELEASE: Funtigo Adds Music, Group Email Features
15:46 EDT - SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) - 05/13/2004 -- San Francisco-based Funtigo LLC today announced a new version of its Funtigo photo sharing site, which now includes music and group email features. "Funtigo is more than a digital replica of traditional paper-based photo albums," according to founder Jim Conning. "It lets you share photos in your own personal way, arrange them on Web pages, in albums... (More)

CANTO.GIF PRESS RELEASE: Canto launches Cumulus WebAlbum
15:43 EDT - New Cumulus module lets users publish images as Web ready albums May 13, 2004, San Francisco, Berlin -- Canto, a global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Cumulus WebAlbum, a tool to create Web-based albums that are built on static HTML pages. Displaying images and even entire Cumulus catalogs on the Internet in a customized and personalized... (More)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

ROXIO.JPG PRESS RELEASE: Roxio Toast® 6 to Pioneer DVD Double Layer Burning on the Mac
10:51 EDT - SANTA CLARA, Calif. - May 11, 2004 - Roxio, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROXI), The Digital Media Company®, provider of the best selling digital media software in the world, announced today that its award winning Toast 6 line of software will soon be DVD Double Layer (DL) compatible, allowing Mac users to take advantage of this exciting technology for the first time. The new DVD +R Double Layer capabilities... (More)

DO Labs' Optics Pro nears release
02:09 EDT - French software company DO Labs has today announced that its DxO Optics Pro software will soon be available to purchase from DO's website.

If you're not familiar with DxO Optics Pro, you might want to read our in-depth coverage from shortly after it was announced at this year's PMA show in Las Vegas. Imaging Resource Publisher Dave Etchells... (More)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

IVIEWMULTIMEDIA.GIF PRESS RELEASE: iView Launches iView MediaPro for Windows
14:32 EDT - Cross-Platform Media Manager Speeds Workflow for Digital Pros LONDON, May 11, 2004 - iView Multimedia (iView) today announced that its award-winning professional media management software iView MediaPro is available for the Windows platform. iView MediaPro 2.5 now offers the same robust, highly flexible media management for both Windows and Mac users. Designed for creative professionals in film, video,... (More)

OpenDoorLogo.gif PRESS RELEASE: Open Door Networks 'Envisions' New Way to Experience Web
13:05 EDT - Mac OS X Application Goes Beyond Web Browsing ASHLAND OR -- May 11, 2004 -- Open Door Networks today introduced software that lets Macintosh users experience the World Wide Web's increasingly visual nature in an innovative new fashion. "Envision: a new way to experience the Web" presents images from Web sites outside the confining windows of traditional Web browsers. Instead of requiring Web content... (More)

Monday, May 10, 2004

Canon announces PowerShot S60
07:38 EDT - Canon USA has today announced a new digital camera model for its PowerShot S-series.

The Canon PowerShot S60 replaces the current S50 model, and other than the lens is mostly similar feature-wise to its predecessor, with a five megapixel sensor in a compact body with sliding lens barrier.... (More)

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

PRESS RELEASE: dotPhoto, Inc. Launches Verizon Photo Wallpaper Application
12:45 EDT - May 5, 2004, Bedminster, NJ - dotPhoto, Inc., developer of the best selling Pictavision® application for mobile phones, and Verizon Wireless, the nation's leading wireless provider and operator of the nation's most reliable wireless network, today announced the launch of dotPhoto's new wallpaper application on Get It Now®, Verizon Wireless' virtual store. MyWallpaper™ offers subscribers... (More)

PRESS RELEASE: Express Digital Ships Express Digital Darkroom
12:39 EDT - Integrates with Network of Photo Labs & Internet Storefront to Sell Photos Protects Photo Libraries with USB Darkroom Key for Secures Images Englewood, CO - May 5, 2004 - Express Digital, the leading provider of professional digital imaging workflow, e-commerce and lab connectivity solutions for the digital photographer, announced today at the Photo Imaging & Design... (More)

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

SanDisk's logo. Click here to visit the SanDisk website! PRESS RELEASE: U.S. District Court extends previous ruling in patent case
23:13 EDT - SUNNYVALE, CA, May 3, 2004 - SanDisk announced today that in the case involving SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), defendant Ritek Corporation and defendant Pretec Electronics Corporation, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California granted defendant Pretec's motion for summary judgment of non-infringement on the same ground that summary judgment was previously granted... (More)

ExpressCard logo. Courtesy of the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association. PRESS RELEASE: PCMCIA Announces Details of New Compliance Program for ExpressCard Technology, the Hardware Expansion Standard for Desktop and Mobile Systems
23:04 EDT - ExpressCard Technology Complements Windows Platforms Seattle (WinHEC 2004) Tuesday, May 4, 2004 - PCMCIA, a leading technology trade association, today announced the details of a new compliance program for its high-performance, I/O ExpressCard™ standard for desktop and notebook computers. The program outlines the complete test requirements that give system and module manufacturers the right... (More)

Kodak's EasyShare DX7440 digital camera. Courtesy of Eastman Kodak Co., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Kodak: 3 new EasyShare cameras, camera dock
03:28 EDT - Eastman Kodak Co. will today announce three new digital camera models for its EasyShare line, ranging from three to five megapixels and all featuring optical zoom lenses (the announcement was scheduled for 8am Eastern time, however since several other sites have gone ahead with the news already, the information is now in the public domain and hence we're posting it too).

The Kodak EasyShare DX7440 is a 4.23 megapixel model with a Schneider Kreuznach Variogon 4x optical zoom lens. Other features include 32MB of internal memory, an SD/MMC card slot, 2.2-inch indoor/outdoor... (More)

Monday, May 3, 2004

PRESS RELEASE: Brooks Publishes Second Edition of Digital Darkroom Resource CD
15:30 EDT - David Brooks of Shutterbug Magazine has announced the new second edition of his eBook Digital Darkroom Resource CD. The new edition contains 16 chapters totaling 227 pages in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, providing easy to read text and large high quality illustration. The CD is available for $20.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling (U.S. Mail if available). Ordering is as simple as sending a check or... (More)

PRESS RELEASE: Support Farm Offers 'Real Answers From Real Pros'
15:20 EDT - Support Farm Provides Content Creation Professionals an Alternative to Standard Technical Support Get Real Answers from Real Professionals San Francisco, CA (May 3rd, 2004) - Support Farm today announced a new service providing support and project help to visual effects artists and other media professionals. Support Farm connects artists who are having difficulties completing projects due to software... (More)

Olympus adjusts E-system pricing, announces rebates
11:26 EDT - Olympus USA has announced adjusted pricing on its E-1 digital SLR over the weekend, as well as several rebates on E-system lenses.

Effective immediately, US street pricing on the E-1 camera body has been adjusted from $1799 to $1499, a cut of some 17%. Simultaneously, Olympus UK has dropped its pricing from £1299 to £999,... (More)

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