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Dec. 4, 2023

Epson Stylus Photo 780

Epson's 2880dpi letter-size photo printer delivers *quality* prints, with BorderFree option, at an incredible price!

Page 5: User Interface

Review First Posted: 7/19/2001

MSRP $129 US

User Interface

Control Enumeration

Adjust Lever: Situated on the right side of the printer (when looking from the front), this lever adjusts the printer for different paper thicknesses. Setting the lever to the "+" position prevents ink from smearing on thick paper or envelopes.

Cartridge Change Button: The leftmost of the three buttons on the righthand side of the printer. Press this button to change the ink cartridges. (Pressing it brings the print head out so you can access it. Pressing it again after changing the cartridges returns it to its "parked" position.)

Paper Feed/Cleaning Cycle Button: The middle button of this group of three initiates a paper feed/nozzle cleaning cycle. Use this if a sheet of paper becomes stuck in the printer due to a power failure or mechanical problem. Alternatively, if you notice lines or gaps in your images, pressing this forces extra ink through the print head, hopefully clearing any clogs. (And using a goodly quantity of ink in the process.)

Power Switch: - If you need us to tell you what this one does, you may want to reconsider using a computer at all...




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