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Feb. 7, 2023

Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX

Epson combines 2880 dpi, PRINT Image Matching, and standalone operation for a real winner of a photo printer!

Page 5: User Interface

Review First Posted: 7/18/2001

MSRP $249 US

User Interface

Control Enumeration

Four Way Arrow Pad: These four buttons are arranged in a circle under the display panel, with one button for each direction (up, down, left, and right). The up and down arrow buttons select settings menus, while the right and left arrow buttons select menu options.

Select Photo Button: Directly to the right of the Four Way Arrow pad, this button designates the image number on the PC card to be printed when the printer is in One or Set mode.

Brightness Button: Just adjacent to the Select Photo button, this button accesses the brightness setting. Holding the button for three seconds accesses the filter setting modes, which are listed by number:

  • 0 = No filter
  • 1 = Monochrome
  • 2 = Sepia
  • 3 = High Contrast
  • 4 = Brighter
  • 5 = Brightest
  • 6 = Darker
  • 7 = Darkest
  • 8 = Vivid
  • 9 = Sharp

Cancel Button: Beneath the Brightness button, this button cancels the current print job or backs out of menu selections.

Start Print Button: A large button below the Cancel button, this button activates the printing process.

Power Button: Positioned as the first button in a series on the front of the printer, this button turns the printer on and off. If pressed twice quickly while the printer is powered on, this button clears the buffer memory.

Maintenance Button: To the left of the Power button, this button loads or ejects paper if pressed and quickly released within two seconds. If pressed after an output error has been corrected, this button resumes printing. Holding down this button for three seconds cleans the print head (if error light is off). When an ink cartridge is out, pressing this button moves the print head to the ink cartridge replacement position.

Roll Paper Button: Directly to the left of the Maintenance button, this button loads and ejects roll paper. When held down for more than three seconds, this button reverse feeds roll paper so that it can be easily removed from the sheet feeder. Pressing this button also clears the error light if pressed after removing roll paper.

Ink Cartridge Replacement: The final button in the series on the front panel, this button moves the print head over to the ink cartridge replacement position.

Card Eject Button: Located on the far right side of the PC card slot, this button ejects the card.

Adjust Lever: Situated on the right side of the printer (when looking from the front), this lever adjusts the printer for different paper thicknesses. Setting the lever to the "+" position prevents ink from smearing on thick paper or envelopes.



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