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"Picky Details" for the FujiFilm FinePix A310 digital camera
(Timing, Power, and Storage Info)

I measure both cycle times and shutter delay times for all the cameras I review, using a test system I designed and built for the purpose. (Crystal-controlled, with a resolution of 0.001 second.) Here are the numbers I collected for the FujiFilm FinePix A310:

NOTE: My qualitative characterizations of camera performance below (that is, "reasonably fast," "about average," etc.) are meant to be relative to other cameras of similar price and general capabilities. Thus, the same shutter lag that's "very fast" for a low-end consumer camera might be characterized as "quite slow" if I encountered it on a professional model. The comments are also intended as only a quick reference: If performance specs are critical for you, rely on the absolute numbers to compare cameras, rather than my purely qualitative comments.

FujiFilm FinePix A310 Timings
Power On -> First shot
FujiFilm startup screen appears and lens extends forward. About average.
Lens retracts. About average.
Play to Record, first shot
Time until first shot is captured. About average.
Record to play
Time to display a large/fine file after capture. A little slow.
Shutter lag, full autofocus
First time is for at full wide-angle, second is full telephoto. Right in the middle of the "average" range.
Shutter lag, prefocus
Time to capture, after half-pressing shutter button. A little faster than average for point & shoot cameras. (Average is about 0.3 seconds.)
Cycle Time, max/min resolution
First numbers are for largest (6M) files, second number is time for smallest (0.3M) images. Times are averages. Interval between first two shots in 6M mode is 2.11 seconds, all subsequent images are at 4.42 second intervals. Oddly, the smallest images don't seem to benefit from the buffer memory, as the interval between shots is always 3.69 seconds.
Cycle Time, continuous mode, max/min resolution
First pair of numbers is for large/fine, second set for small/basic files. Shoots four shots regardless of image size, then must wait for buffer memory to clear before shooting the next series. (Second number in each pair is how long it takes the buffer to clear, for the camera to be ready for the next series of 4 shots.) Same figures apply to both Top 4 and Final 4 shooting modes. (Frame rate for the burst is 3.3 frames/second.)

Overall, the A310 is about average in its shooting speed. Shutter lag is right in the middle of the "average" range, and single-shot operation is a little slow, at 2.11 seconds between the first two frames, and only a two-frame buffer memory. (That is, the camera slows after capturing the first two shots.) Its two continuous modes are quite fast though, with a frame rate of 3.3 frames/second for four frames, and the unique "Final 4" shooting mode is great for capturing action just after you've released the shutter button. (Great for people with slow reflexes, like myself. ;-)

The FinePix A310 uses two AA-style batteries for power.

The table below shows the FinePix A310's power consumption in various modes, and approximate run times for each, based two rechargeable NiMH AA batteries with a (true, not advertised) 1600 mAh capacity. (I continue to use 1600 mAh NiMH AA cells as my "standard," to make it easier for readers to compare battery life across generations of digicams. Note that current high-capacity NiMH cells are available with true mAh ratings as high as 2000 mAh, so you could reasonably expect up to 25% longer run times than those shown here.)


Operating Mode
(@2.4 volts on the external power terminal)
Est. Minutes
(2 1600 AA cells)
Capture Mode, w/LCD
50.65 mA
Capture Mode, no LCD
17.12 mA
Half-pressed shutter w/LCD
52.42 mA
Half-pressed w/o LCD
46.73 mA
Memory Write (transient)
61.18 mA
Flash Recharge (transient)
81.12 mA
Image Playback
31.41 mA

These are very respectable run times, particularly for a camera powered by only two AA batteries. The run time with the LCD turned off is particularly noteworthy, but the usefulness of the camera in that mode is restricted by its rather inaccurate optical viewfinder. Despite the good run times, I still strongly advise you to purchase a couple of sets of good-quality NiMH batteries and a good charger. (See my Battery Shootout page for performance details on the latest crop of NiMH batteries on the market, and read my review of the Maha C-204F to learn about my favorite charger.)


Storage Capacity
The FinePix A310 stores its photos on xD-Picture Cards, and a 16MB card is included with the camera. (I strongly recommend buying at least a 64MB card, preferably a 128MB one, to give yourself extra space for extended outings.) The chart below shows how many images can be stored on the included 16MB card at each size/quality setting.

Image Capacity vs
16MB Memory Card
2,816 x 2,120 Images
(Avg size)
2,048 x 1,536 Images
(Avg size)
1,280 x 960 Images
(Avg size)
640 x 480
(Avg size)


Download Speed
The FinePix A310 connects to a host computer via a USB interface. Downloading files to 2.4 GHz Sony VAIO running Windows XP, I clocked it at 425 KBytes/second. This is a fairly typical figure. (Cameras with slow USB v1.1 interfaces run as low as 300 KB/s, cameras with fast ones run as high as 600 KB/s.)


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