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Canon PowerShot A50
Canon's "Digital ELPHs" goes megapixel plus - great picture quality, superb portability!

(First Look review posted 6/15/99, full review 7/10/99)


1280x960 resolution

Compact, rugged case

2.5x Optical Zoom Lens

Great low-light ability (up to ISO400)

Panorama support, including 2x2 matrix!

Canon PowerShot A50 Review Index:


Overall, the PowerShot A50 is an excellent 1.3 megapixel digicam, it's usefulness further enhanced by its diminutive size, all-metal case, and built-in lens shutter. Picture quality is really the equal of any other 1.3 megapixel digicam out there, and its physical design will help insure that it gets packed along to capture every photographic moment. We'd like to see the optional battery/adapter/charger kit included in the basic package, but even purchased separately, the complete package is still a very good value relative to competing products. The A50's excellent picture quality and rugged design make it a nearly ideal "family" camera, encouraging active use, rather than being consigned to a safe resting place in a drawer at home. A big thumbs-up!

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Reader Comments!
See what other Imaging Resource readers have had to say about the PowerShot A50, or add comments of your own. (Do you have an A50? Share your experience!) (Post questions in the general forum though, so others can easily see and answer them.) Check what's here - add your own!
Reader Sample Images!
Do you have a PowerShot A50 camera? If you'll post an album of your samples (it's easy to do, and free) on our photo-sharing service and email us at [email protected], we'll list the album here for others to see!

More Info:
View the data sheet for the PowerShot A50

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