Sony Alpha A850 Design

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Sony A850 Front View
Apart from the model number, the A850's front looks identical to the A900.

Sony A850 Left Side
The left side looks nearly identical to the Sony A900, with only a slightly smaller pentaprism housing...

Sony A850 Right Side does the right side.

Sony A850 Top View
Again, the layout and control placement of the top remains the same. The A900's Continuous Hi/Lo drive mode has changed to just Continuous mode for the A850.

Sony A850 Back View
The SonyA850 retains the same layout and control placement as the A900 on the back as well. Viewfinder coverage has dropped from about 100% on the A900 to 98% on the A850. Magnification remains the same, at 0.74x.

Sony A850 Bottom View
Nothing new here, except of course the model number. Even the battery rating (880 shots) is the same as the A900's.


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