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Olympus Camedia C-60 Zoom

Olympus packs a 6.1-megapixel CCD into an ultra-compact body, with a host of advanced features too.

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Review First Posted: 06/10/2004

Video Out

The C-60 has a Video Out port for reviewing previously captured images and movies, or running slide shows from the camera. It also shows all of the LCD menu screens, as well as the preview display from the LCD viewfinder. (This last means that you could use a TV monitor as a "remote viewfinder" if you wanted to.) Combined with the included remote control, this feature turns the C-60 into a useful self-portrait tool. Through the Setup menu, you can set the Video Out signal timing to NTSC or PAL.


The Olympus C-60 uses a custom rechargeable LiIon battery for power, Olympus part number LI-12B. At 3.7 volts and 1230 mAh capacity, it's roughly 13% more powerful than the battery that powered the C-60's predecessor, the C-50. The improved battery capacity is balanced by the C-60's somewhat higher power drain though, so the overall run times are nearly the same as those of the C-50. The table below shows the results of my power measurements of the C-60 in various operating modes, and projected run times based on the stated capacity of the LI-12B pack:

Operating Mode
(@3.4 volts on the external power terminal)
Est. Minutes
(LI-12B battery pack)
Capture Mode, w/LCD
526 mA
Capture Mode, no LCD
344 mA
Half-pressed shutter w/LCD
523 mA
Half-pressed w/o LCD
334 mA
Memory Write (transient)
604 mA
Flash Recharge (transient)
1240 mA
Image Playback
254 mA

Most compact digicams suffer from short battery life, but the C-60 seems to do a bit better than most, thanks to a higher-capacity battery than that used in its predecessor, the C-50, that roughly balances the higher power drain of the C-60's larger sensor and faster electronics. With a worst-case run time of a bit less than two hours (108 minutes) in capture mode with the LCD turned on, and roughly two and three-quarters hours (165 minutes) with the LCD off, you should have enough battery power for most events. Playback time is a very good 224 minutes.

While these power consumption figures are better than average, I still highly recommend purchasing a second battery when you buy the camera, to charge up and hold in reserve as a spare. Murphy's Law applies in spades to digicam batteries, which always run out of juice at the worst possible moment.


Included Software

The C-60 comes with a nice complement of software on the supplied CD. Direct camera control and image downloading are provided by Olympus' Camedia Master software package (Version 4.2) for both Mac and Windows platforms (Macintosh OS 8.6-9.2/OS X, Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000 Pro/XP). USB drivers for both platforms and an Apple QuickTime reader are also included.

Camedia Master lets you download and organize images, as well as perform minor image correction and enhancement functions (such as adjusting contrast, sharpness, and color balance). For panoramic images, Camedia Master supplies a "stitching" utility to piece together shots vertically or horizontally. A complete printing utility works with the DPOF settings and allows you to print images directly to Olympus or other DPOF-compliant photo printers.


In the Box

The following items are included in the box:

  • C-60 Zoom digital camera.
  • 32MB xD-Picture Card.
  • One LI-10B lithium battery with charger.
  • USB cable.
  • Video cable.
  • Camedia Master 4.0 software CD-ROM.
  • Wrist strap.
  • Remote control.
  • User manuals and registration card.

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