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Nikon CoolPix 880

Advanced features, and "Assisted Creative Photography" in a compact 3.3 megapixel package!

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Review First Posted: 8/26/2000

The Nikon Coolpix 880 features similar styling to the previous 800 model, but with a much more compact size and a much larger offering of external control buttons and dials. Measuring approximately 3.8 x 2.0 x 2.9 inches (9.64 x 5.08 x 7.36 cm), the Coolpix 880 should fit into most shirt pockets, and the accompanying wrist strap makes the camera even more portable.

The front of the camera features the flash, optical viewfinder window, Red-Eye reduction lamp and the lens. When the camera is powered on, and the mode dial is set to any of the capture modes, the lens extends about an inch from the camera body. It likewise retracts when the camera is powered off. The lens is protected by a removable plastic lens cap, which features a small strap to attach it to the camera (and keep you from worrying about losing it). Also part of the camera front is a somewhat bulky hand grip, compliments of the battery compartment just beneath it. The grip, coupled with the thumb rest on the back panel of the camera, provides a nice, firm hold on the camera body, which feels very natural.

The left side of the camera, viewed from the back, features only the video out terminal.

On the opposite side of the camera, the digital I/O and DC power jacks live beneath flexible rubber flaps, which quickly fold out of the way when you're connecting cables. The wrist strap attachment eyelet is also located on this side of the camera.

The camera's top panel holds a small, black and white LCD display panel, which reports most of the camera's settings (and allows you to work without the LCD monitor). The shutter button, power switch and mode dial are also located on the top panel.

The majority of the camera controls can be found on the back panel, including the large color LCD monitor, optical viewfinder and CompactFlash slot. A variety of control buttons line the top edge of the LCD monitor, and a rocker toggle button rests to the right of the monitor, with the zoom controls in the top right corner. The CompactFlash slot is protected by a hinged, plastic door which slides out to open.

The bottom panel of the camera holds the battery compartment and plastic tripod mount. Given the small size of the camera body, we won't complain too much about the close proximity of the battery compartment to the tripod mount, which makes battery changes while using a tripod a little bit of a hassle. We can't help but notice this, due to the extensive amount of studio work we do, but the Coolpix 880 is clearly meant for portability, so we don't think this will be an issue to most users. The battery compartment is covered by another hinged plastic door, this time with a button to unlock the compartment before sliding the door open.

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