Here are some comments provided by readers of the Short Course books:

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Reviews of Choosing & Using a Digital Camera

"I've never contacted an author about his/her work before as I've always felt that I've either gotten what I paid for or somewhat less. Your "Choosing & Using A Digital Camera" deserves comment however. I've been a technologist for 25 years and have seen many documents dealing with various parts of the subject. Yours, however, is the most elegant and well written piece I've yet to come across. All my questions have been answered to the level where my comfort with the subject (Digital Cameras) is rather good.  I've ordered a Canon A50 and with the aid of your work will only have to concentrate on the creative aspects of the art." (Wayne)

"I purchased your "Choosing and Using a Digital Camera." Before buying and reading it, I had spent MANY hours searching for and reading information about digital cameras. Since research is my business, this is something I am typically better at than the average person--but I admit I was feeling a little confused about what I really wanted to purchase.

Then I read your book--and I was able to focus on what was really important to me. I went back to reviewing information about different cameras and was quickly able to make a decision--keeping in mind my level of expertise (low but I was very interested in learning), what I wanted from the camera, what I was willing to spend, and the feature/price ratio offfered by different models. I bought an Epson 750Z (and used the web to find a very good price), and I have been totally satisfied with my choice." (Nancy)

"Received the book today and began to browse it while doing some computer work. Excellent! I was doing some system reconfiguration, and I actually 'had to' pause in order to read the whole thing. I've had a 'Teach Yourself Digital Photography In 14 Days' (Carla Rose) for a while and find its ton of information valuable as an 'amateur' photographer since age 12, but I have yet to 'have to' read a complete chapter." (Peter Porrello)

"Well written and laid out (even the humor); good organization, and directed at the right audience. Very nice." (pete)

"We recently purchased your new book and just want to let you know that we appreciate it very much. We want to buy a digital camera very much, but before your book we did not know how to become an 'informed consumer'. Thank you so much. It is easy to read AND to understand. I also appreciate  the online reviews of the products." (M)

"I have just completed your Choosing & Using book and found it is wonderful. You have to be very pleased at how you are helping others. I, for one, am telling others about your site and showing them the course (which I purchased)." (MK)

Your material on digital cameras helped me select a fine camera, the Olympus C-2000 Zoom. Now your book on that camera is helping me to use it better. I am having a ball. (Marshall)

Reviews of A Short Course in Nikon Coolpix 950 Photography

I received the Nikon 950 book yesterday - Fasting shipping on the web. I looked at the first page and I already know that it will be a big help to me. Thanks (Andrea)

Seldom are my expectations met when reading material in the technical field. I have been in the computer industry for over 35 years and have had ample reason to study technical documentation (usually with great frustration). With rare exception, your book is enlightening, informative, well written and understandable at most any level. I was anticipating technical information written by a technician. What was received was a book that assisted me in understanding basic photography concepts, but most importantly you gave me enough to make me think, experiment and learn. I am
sure I will re-read your book many times and will place it with the others than I have found over the years to be well written (very small shelf). Thank you! (Loren)

I just bought your book about the Nikon 950...It was great! Thanks. I'm having fun with the camera as well! Is it possible that I have a link on my web site to your PhotoCourse info? I've enjoyed it myself and would like to give my digital imaging students a link to it. (Meg)

Talk about fast delivery. I ordered my Coolpix 950 book Friday evening and it arrived today. Thanks for the great service. As a weekend photographer I have a habit of using the point and shoot method. After two hours with your book my skill level has increased by a factor of 10. You have done an incredible job and I hope you sell thousands. (Jeff Poll)

Thanks for your answer- I am currently reading your book- Its refreshing to see that its not just a review of the Nikon users manual. Some good tips. (Carl)

Got the book today and skimmed through it. It looks like the best $20 I've spent yet on my 950! (Randy)

Received your book yesterday. Great reading. Thanks (Bill)

Overall, I like it very much. I've historically been a point and shoot guy, and your book lets me know what situations would benefit from using the different options with the camera. Good stuff! (Joe)

Overall I found it quite good and well written. I have learnt a couple of things which I did not know (for example how the exposure adjustment works - based on 18% gray). So the book was definitely worth the money. Thanks for writing it. (MT)

They (the instructions in the book and free pocket guide) have worked extremely well for me, exactly what I wanted. They are complete, concise, articulate and a world away from the fragmented way that Nikon's documentation dealt with the camera. Have you contacted them about possibly using your instructions in the future? (Jack Winberg)

Kudos! Received a copy of your 950 book Friday and am enjoying it. It's an informative, easy read...easily worth the money. Thanks for writing it. Regards, Michael Rochman

Got it thanks! Nice book - easy to read yet informative. If only necxdirect was so quick, I would have a camera to use the book with :) Craig.

I received your book on the Coolpix 950 just yesterday from Amazon. Looks great. (Karl)

I received your book, Nikon Coolpix 950 Photography, and am in the process of reading it. So far it looks like a great expansion on the abilities of the 950, coupled with lots of conventional photographic techniques. (Bill)

Reviews of A Short Course in Olympus C-2000 Zoom Photography

Just purchased your book...Great..In fact just ordered another one for a friend. (Donald)

Dear Dennis: I've had your short course on the Oly C2000Z for over a month and I think it is one of the best investments I have made. Your instructions are clear and understandable and have added so much to the pleasure I am having with this great little camera. (George)

You did an excellent job of rewriting the Oly manual on the C2000Z, something it could really stand. The Pocket Guide will, forever, reduce the number of questions on the newsgroup regarding repeat subjects (Don)

Just got my book in the mail today. Two words,VERY IMPRESSED! Really looking forward to reading and playing with my camera over the long week-end! I can tell just by thumbing through the book that I am going to enjoy! Thanks for the fast service! (Bob)

Some how, some way, you should "cut a deal" with Olympus to include one of your books with every camera sold. I have learned more about my camera just by reading chapter one of your book than I did by reading the whole users manuel that was with the camera! (Bob)

I am enjoying your book greatly. (Sid)

Your material on digital cameras helped me select a fine camera, the Olympus C-2000 Zoom. Now your book on that camera is helping me to use it better. I am having a ball. (Marshall)

I purchased your book on Olympus C2000Z about 10 days ago. It reads good and will help a lot once I get a chance to go out and take a few pictures. (Stephen)

Reviews of A Short Course in Digital Photography

Just finished reading your new book entitled "Digital Photography - A Guide To Great Photographs." I really learned quite a bit for use with my digicamera (Olympus D400Z). I  was most impressed with the quality of the paper and the nice wire binder which  makes it so user friendly to use. (Jack)

...I recently bought a Kodak DC265 and have had a great time in using it. Also, I bought your book “A Short Course in Digital Photography” and read it cover to cover. With such a small book, I was very pleased with the type and amount of information included and how easy you made it to pick up the basic concepts of photography. (John)

I have recieved the book. Once again a very quick delivery. It arrived on the 4th August. I'm finding it very useful. Getting used to working with a Digital Camera is a bit like working with medium format when you are used to 35mm. So, you book is very valuable in bringing me "up to speed" so to speak. The camera I use is the Fuji DS300. Once again thanks for your excellent service. (Steve)