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Canon PowerShot S50

A sleek design, a hot custom processing chip, new-look user interface, direct support for a Canon inkjet printer, and *five* megapixels of resolution!

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Review First Posted: 02/27/2003

Test Results
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The PowerShot S45 had already "wowed" me, so when the S50 arrived, it fell into a category something akin to icing on the cake. The PowerShot S50 has a first-rate feature set, stopping just short of some of the high-end "enthusiast" capabilities of the PowerShot G3, but leaving very little lacking, and bringing an extra megapixel of resolution and excellent "pocketability" in the bargain. As with the S45, I'd like to see a more accurate optical viewfinder, better macro capabilities, and a power switch that couldn't turn on when the camera is shoved into a pocket, but the picture quality the S50 delivers is really exceptional. Color is accurate and well saturated, and the camera's white balance system does an excellent job under a wide variety of lighting conditions. Plus, the addition of custom controls, better exposure metering, more flexible focus control, and the wide variety of other interface and operational updates make the S50 even more capable of handling most any shooting situation. Overall, an excellent camera for high-end consumers looking for a full-featured digicam with great image quality. It's easy enough to operate in auto mode that most anyone could be comfortable with it, yet it sports enough advanced features (save only an external flash connection) to satisfy most enthusiasts. Highly recommended.


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