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Nikon D1x

Nikon ups the ante with 5.33 million pixels (5.9 megapixel file size), improved color, and exceptional noise performance!

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Review First Posted: 6/16/2001

Video Out

US and Japanese models of the D1x come with an NTSC video cable for connection to a television set or VCR (European models come with the appropriate PAL cable). This allows images to be played back on the TV screen and recorded to video tape, with all the menu options available.


The D1x uses an EN-4 NiMH battery pack (7.2 V DC, 2000 mAh) which can be recharged with an optional MH-16 or MH-15 Quick Charger. You can also purchase an EH-4 AC adapter separately (100-240 V AC) which is useful for saving battery power when working in the studio, or performing mundane tasks such as reviewing or downloading large numbers of images. An indicator on the status display panel lets you know approximately how much battery power is left and if no segments appear in the indicator at all, the battery is completely exhausted. As always, we heartily recommend purchasing a spare battery pack and keeping it charged for long shooting days or for shooting in cold weather (which can zap battery power quickly). We do note though, that the D1x's battery life is very good.

The special connections used between the D1x and EN-4 battery pack prevented us from performing our usual power-consumption measurements on the D1x. Our sense though, was that battery life was quite good, as we managed literally several hundred exposures on a single battery charge, including a goodly amount of LCD usage. Still, our standard recommendation of buying a second battery pack stands: Murphy's law applies very directly to digicam power sources, meaning you'll always run out of battery capacity at the worst possible moment....

Included Software

The software they didn't include...
(But that you should)
Few people realize just how *much* you can improve your digicam images through clever processing in Photoshop. Greatly (!) increased sharpness, reduced noise, and even ultra-wide dynamic range (light-to-dark range) by combining multiple exposures. Fred Miranda and uber-Photoshop expert Fred Miranda has packaged some of his Photoshop magic in a collection of powerful and affordably priced "actions." Check out his site, the results are pretty amazing!

The D1x ships with the "Nikon View" software, which provides basic manipulation and cataloging capabilities for images captured by the camera, and which can interpret the raw CCD format "NEF" files. A much more advanced package called Nikon Capture is available separately, but we didn't receive a copy of it for testing. Users will also want to check out the third-party applications Bibble and Qimage, both of which offer improved interpolation of the NEF files, for even higher image resolution.

In the Box

Included in the box with the D1x are the following items:

  • Nikon D1x body with body cap and LCD monitor cover
  • Neck strap
  • Video cable
  • NikonView 4 CD-ROM
  • User guide
  • NikonView 4 CD-ROM reference guide
  • Registration kit

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