Nikon D3 Design

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Nikon D3 Front View. The standard Nikon F-mount once again surrounds a full-size mirror, and the pentaprism is larger than that of the Nikon D2x. Note the cant to the front Sub-command dial, making for easier activation. The FX logo in the lower right corner denotes Full Frame.



Nikon D3 Left View. The battery unlocks with a twist and pull to the left. Rubber flaps cover the camera's electrical ports, and a metal strap ring hangs from a steel lug just off the Nikon D3's left shoulder.



Nikon D3 Right View. The dioptric adjustment knob and AF area selector dial can be seen in this view, as well as the battery door and vertical shutter release. A locking ring around the button prevents accidental activation.



Nikon D3 Top View. Buttons are reshaped and nudged around a bit when compared to the D2x, but overall placement is the same.



Nikon D3 Back View. More changes have come to the rear of the Nikon D3, but controls should still be familiar. A major change is a fairly simple one: the introduction of a button in the center of the navigation disk now has a button, making it easier to press. The AE/AF Lock button has been moved down some, as well, making it easier to distinguish from the AF-ON button, yet still accessible.



Nikon D3 Bottom View. The bottom features only the metal tripod mount and a rubberized surface.


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