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Kodak DC210 Test Images

Outdoor portrait: Great color! Slightly warm cast, but excellent tonal range, good flesh tones, nice balance of colors in the flowers.

Indoor portrait, flash: Good balance between the flash and available light, slightly favoring the available light. (Perhaps a personal bias, but we prefer more subtle flash effects, and therefore like the softer fill light the DC210's flash provides in "auto" mode.) Natural skin tone, good color balance overall.  

Indoor portrait, no flash: Good color balance. Preserves much of the warmth of the incandescent lighting, but still shows good color overall.  

House shot: Very good detail, excellent color, almost no compression artifacts.  

"Musicians" poster: Very good detail, nice, natural skin tones, good color saturation, particularly in the blue robe.  

Macro shot: Very nice close-up capability. This shot taken with studio lighting, but on-board flash also works well up close.  

"Davebox" test target: Great color saturation in the MacBeth target, yet the subtle pastels in the Q-60 swatches are also handled well. Excellent highlight detail, moderate shadow detail.  

"WG-18" resolution target: (Technoids only) - Visual resolution of ~500-550 line pairs/picture height horizontally and vertically, very little aliasing.  


Viewfinder accuracy/flash uniformity target: At wide-angle setting, target is offset slightly (about 5%) to the left, well-centered vertically. At telephoto end of lens range, horizontal offset is slightly more pronounced, slight vertical offset becomes evident (~5%). Flash uniformity good at telephoto focal length, is slightly "hot" at the center of the field of view at wide-angle settings.  

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