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Epson PhotoPC 3100Z

Epson updates their excellent 3 megapixel digicam with a new user interface, and support for PRINT Image Matching!

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Review First Posted: 7/10/2001

3.3-megapixel CCD for 2,048 x 1536 pixel images ("Hypict" interpolates to 2,544 x 1,904 pixels).
3x, 7 to 21mm zoom lens (equivalent to a 34 to 102mm lens on a 35mm camera)
Support for PRINT Image Matching for improved color prints!
Lots of manual controls
Hot shoe for external flash

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Manufacturer Overview
Epson America Inc. is clearly one of the leading companies in the digital photography marketplace, thanks to its longstanding position as the number one color inkjet printer manufacturer. While Epson's digital cameras hold a less dominant position than its color printers, they have consistently delivered the same high-quality performance that the printer line is known for, and this latest addition to the PhotoPC digital line clearly demonstrates the technical excellence and ingenuity that is synonymous with the Epson name.

Over the years, Epson digital cameras have evolved from simple point-and-shoot digicams, intended for the pure consumer market, to increasingly sophisticated models offering exposure and creative controls designed for the high-end prosumer and serious amateur markets. The PhotoPC 3100Z not only offers maximum versatility, but it also marks the first generation camera to actually bridge the image quality standards between Epson digital cameras and printers, by incorporating Epson's recently announced PRINT Image Matching Technology (February 2001). According to Epson, this new technology ensures optimum print reproduction by establishing critical image-specific printing parameters, such as gamma level, color space, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and highlight and shadow detail, right in the camera. The ultimate goal being to perfectly balance the two sides of the pixel-to-print workflow. While it isn't really possible to show the results in a web-based review, we discovered that PRINT Image Matching produced significant improvements in flesh tones and certain highly-saturated colors. - Definitely a step forward for digicam printing.


  • 3.3-megapixel CCD with HyPict Image Enhancement, interpolates to 4.8 megapixel resolution (2,544 x 1,904 pixels).
  • 1.8-inch LCD monitor.
  • 3x, 7 to 21mm zoom lens (equivalent to a 34 to 102mm lens on a 35mm camera).
  • 2x Digital Zoom.
  • 49mm lens adapter for connecting accessory lenses and filters.
  • Auto and Manual Focus options.
  • Apertures from f/2.0 to f/8.0.
  • Shutter speeds from 1/1,000 to 8 seconds.
  • Full Auto, Manual (Aperture- and Shutter-Priority, Manual), and Program modes (Normal, Sports, Portrait, and Landscape).
  • Spot and matrix metering options.
  • 100, 200, and 400 ISO sensitivity equivalents.
  • Adjustable White Balance with Auto, Fixed (5,200°Kelvin) and Manual settings.
  • Built-in flash with five operating modes.
  • Hot shoe for connecting an external flash.
  • Movies w / sound, Continuous Shooting, Stitching, and Interval photography modes.
  • Still images saved as JPEG or uncompressed TIFF, movies saved as Motion JPEGs.
  • CompactFlash storage.
  • USB cable for connecting to a computer.
  • Video cable for connection to a television set or multimedia projector (NTSC or PAL).
  • Four AA alkaline batteries.
  • DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) compatibility with DPOF printers.
  • PRINT Image Matching for optimum color on compatible printers

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