Canon EOS 40D Picture Styles Imatest Color Accuracy Results

The Canon EOS 40D has multiple Picture Styles to choose from. Here are the color error results produced by Imatest for the 40D's various Picture Style modes:

Picture Style: Standard

The Canon 40D showed good color accuracy overall in the default (Standard) picture style, but went a bit overboard with strong reds. This is a fairly common response with this target (the MacBeth ColorChecker), and the 40D's response is fairly typical for consumer DSLRs, more highly saturated than that of pro models. Hue accuracy is pretty good, with minor shifts in a number of colors, rather than large shifts in any one area.


Picture Style: Faithful

Here we can see the Canon 40D's "Faithful" Picture Style is quite a bit more accurate.


Picture Style: Neutral

The 40D's "Neutral" picture style is also quite accurate, although some reds and blues are still slightly oversaturated.


Picture Style: Landscape

The Canon 40D really pumps up blues, green and reds for vibrant landscapes. There are also strong hue shifts for bluer skies and lush foliage.


Picture Style: Portrait

This is an interesting change, and it's surprising that greens are pumped up as much as they are; perhaps it's to accent eye color.


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