Fujifilm FinePix E900 Operation

Record mode: Pressing the Menu button in Record mode pulls up the following options (not all options are available in all modes):

  • Self-timer: Two-second delay, 10-second delay, or Off.
  • Metering: Multi, spot, or averaging.
  • White Balance: Auto, custom, daylight, shade, incandescent, and three fluorescent.
  • Focusing: Center, multi-point, area (lets you set the focus point in the LCD display), continuous, and manual.
  • Sharpness: Hard, standard, soft.
  • Setup: Takes you to the setup menu.

  • Flash output: Adjusts the overall flash output up or down 1/3 to 2/3 of a stop.
  • Bracketing adjustment: When automatic bracketing is on, sets the level of over- and under-exposure to 1/3, 2/3, or 1 stop.

Playback Mode: This mode lets you review captured images and movies on the memory card, as well as erase them, protect them, or tag them for printing and transfer. Pressing the Menu button displays the following options:

  • Erase: One frame or all files on the memory card, except those marked as protected.
  • Image Rotate: Rotates the image clockwise or counterclockwise 90 degrees.
  • Print Order (DPOF): By default, the date is imprinted on all images marked for Print Order. This control lets you turn date imprinting off.
  • Protect: Marks the current image or all images for write-protection, or removes write-protection. Protected images cannot be deleted except by reformatting the memory card.
  • Playback: Plays back your recorded images in a slideshow. Includes six options for transitions between images.
  • Setup: Takes you to the setup menu.
  • Voice Memo: Lets you add audio notes of up to 30-second to your recorded images.
  • Trimming: Using the zoom control and four-way selector, you can crop your photo and save it as a separate image.

SET Menu: This menu is one of the selections in both the record-mode and playback-mode main menus. It contains the following options.

  • Image Display: Sets how long the instant review of a shot stays on the screen. Options include continuously, 3 seconds, 1.5 seconds, or off.
  • Shutter volume: High, medium, low, or off.
  • Beep volume: High, medium, low, or off.
  • Playback Volume: 0 to 10.
  • Frame numbering: Continuous or renew.
  • LCD brightness: Plus or minus, five steps.
  • LCD power-save: On or off.

  • Digital Zoom: On or off.
  • CCD RAW: On or off.
  • Auto Power Off: 5 minutes, 2 minutes, or off.
  • LCD Power Save: On or off.
  • Format: Completely erases the memory card.

  • Time/Date set: Sets time and date.
  • Time Difference set: Lets you set the camera's clock to a different time zone, without having to change the actual time setting.
  • Language: Seven choices.
  • LCD background color: Six choices for menu and cursor.
  • USB mode: Mass storage device or PictBridge.
  • Video System: NTSC or PAL.

  • Discharge: Completely drains rechargeable batteries to help condition them.
  • Reset: Resets all camera settings to the factory defaults.


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