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Fuji FinePix 1300

Fuji updates their entry-level 1.3 megapixel model, adding USB for fast file downloads

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Page 12:Test Results & Conclusion

Review First Posted: 11/28/2000

Test Results
In keeping with our standard policy, the comments here are condensed and summarize our key findings. For a full commentary on each test image, visit the Fujifilm FinePix 1300's "pictures" page.

As with all Imaging Resource camera tests, we encourage you to let your own eyes judge how well the devices performed. Explore the images on the pictures page, to see how FinePix 1300 images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying.

We were pleased with the FinePix 1300's image quality. Color accuracy was very good overall, particularly in sunlit outdoor shots. We had some trouble shooting indoors under typical household tungsten lighting, even though we used the Incandescent White Balance setting. The flash did reasonably well in mixed-lighting situations, except for a very slight magenta color cast.

The FinePix 1300 also performed well on our Davebox test target, reproducing the large color squares very accurately, with just a little undersaturation. The camera was able to distinguish between the red and magenta color blocks on the horizontal color chart, which is a tough area for many digicams to conquer.

The FinePix 1300's resolution tests-out about average among the 1.3 megapixel cameras we've tested, showing about 550 lines per picture height in both horizontal and vertical directions. The edges of the target details aren't quite as sharp as the best 1.3 megpixel units, but there's also relatively few artifacts or aliasing present as the target lines get closer together.

The wide-angle, fixed-focal-length, fixed-focus lens doesn't get terribly close in macro mode, but it still captures a respectable minimum area of 3.32 x 2.49 inches (84.29 x 63.22mm).

The 1300 performed about as well as we expected in the low-light category. We were only able to obtain bright, useable images at light levels as low as four foot candles (44 lux). At the one foot candle light level (11 lux), we were able to see the target, but the images were very dim. We also noticed a warm color shift between the one and two foot candle levels, with the darker image taking on a warm, orange-ish cast. Shots taken at one-quarter foot candle and lower were barely visible, if at all. Noise levels remained moderate and fine-grained. To put the FinePix 1300's low-light performance into perspective, an average city night scene with modern street lighting corresponds to about one foot candle of light.

Overall, the FinePix 1300 held up quite well against other 1.3 megapixel digicams, surprisingly so for such an inexpensive model with a nice range of features.

The FinePix 1300 is a strong entry in the low-end consumer digicam market, providing nice image quality with simple, point-and-shoot operation, plus reasonable exposure, white balance, and flash controls for those who want to use them. User controls are easily accessible, readily navigable, and easy to understand. It is certainly a good "entry level" camera for someone who is just getting into digital photography. The FinePix 1300 could even serve as a second digicam, for more advanced users who want something point-and-shoot, and very portable. Overall, an excellent buy for the money.

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