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Fuji FinePix 2400 Zoom

A two megapixel CCD, 3x zoom lens and USB make a fine, value-priced digital point & shoot from Fuji

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Review First Posted: 11/19/2000

Nearly identical to the previous FinePix 1400 model (which apparently will remain in the product line), Fujifilm's FinePix 2400 Zoom maintains the same features and design elements that we loved about the 1400 (many of which were created expressly for an American audience). In fact, the only visible differences we could see are a slightly modified sliding lens cover and two of the control buttons are labeled differently. Internally, the FinePix 2400 features a larger, 2.11 megapixel CCD and a Continuous Shooting mode to set it apart from the 1400. The camera fits comfortably in the hand, and its sleek exterior allows it to glide easily into a large purse or coat pocket. The camera's overall dimensions are 4.9 x 2.6 x 1.5 inches (125 x 65 x 39mm), and it weighs only 12.3 ounces (350g) without batteries. Clean lines and smooth contours make it easy to hold onto and pleasant to look at.

The front of the camera features a sliding lens cover that retracts to expose the lens. (No worries about keeping track of a lens cap!) However, unlike some digicams with similar lens cover designs, this camera's lens doesn't telescope into action until the camera is turned on via the Mode dial. Then, it protrudes only about three quarters of an inch from the body. The only other components on the front of the camera are the built-in flash, which is always exposed, the front of the optical viewfinder, a flash control sensor next to the viewfinder, and a red LED lamp next to the lens. This last item lights up when the self-timer is counting down to take a picture and starts blinking when the countdown has reached two seconds.

The right side of the camera (looking at the front) has the USB and DC input jacks. Both are uncovered and easily accessible. On the opposite side of the camera, the SmartMedia card slot is housed beneath a rigid, hinged plastic flap that locks securely into place when shut. It's always a plus when digicam manufacturers make card slots uncomplicated and easy to operate, as well as easily accessible.

The majority of the camera controls are on the back of the camera. They include the Display button, Flash control, Back (Cancel) button, Menu/OK button, Zoom rocker, and two Arrow keys. Also on the back panel are the LCD monitor and the very tiny optical viewfinder. Because most camera settings are controlled by the LCD-based menu system, the back panel isn't overly crowded with buttons and switches. A small, textured thumb grip gives you a secure hold on the back; and it's counterbalanced on the front with a dip in the sliding lens cover that comfortably fits your forefinger.

The remaining camera controls are on the top panel, namely the Mode dial and Shutter button. Both are accessible to the right hand, and it should be feasible for most people to operate the camera one-handed, based on the positioning of the other controls. A nice feature on the Mode dial is the small tab that sticks out to provide a little grip for your finger. The dial clicks firmly into each position, so you don't have to worry about turning it too far and missing the stop.

Finally, the bottom of the camera has a battery compartment and tripod mount. We're glad to report that the battery compartment is very simple to operate, without any complicated locks or tricky doors. You just slide the door outward and flip it open to access the batteries. The battery compartment and tripod mount are too close to each other to allow battery changes while using a tripod, but this is only a minor concern as this camera was definitely meant for more spontaneous applications than studio work.

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