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Fuji FinePix 4700

Fuji packs a 2.4 million pixel "SuperCCD" sensor and 2400 x 1800 images into an ultra- compact digicam!

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Review First Posted: 10/7/2000

Fuji's new 4700z is definitely one of the most compact digicams out there. At a size of 3.1 x 3.8 x 1.3 inches (78 x 97.5 x 32.9mm), the 4700z easily fits into an average size shirt pocket. It's fairly light weight too, at only 10.9 ounces (310g) with its magnesium alloy body. The camera's control layout ingeniously maximizes every bit of space and presents a very sleek and sophisticated appearance.

The front panel of the camera mainly features the lens, which is protected by a mechanical, sliding cover that retracts when the camera is turned on. When the camera is off, the fully retractable lens gives the camera front a very smooth profile with no protrusions. We particularly like the sliding metal lens cover, which adds greatly to our confidence in slipping it into a pocket. There's also a curved finger grip rib, tiny microphone, flash control sensor, self-timer lamp and viewfinder window on the front, all very unobtrusive in their design.

The right side of the camera (viewing the camera from the back) is flat and smooth, featuring only the wrist strap eyelet.

On the opposite side of the camera is the speaker; pop-up flash release button; digital, video and AC input jacks; and the SmartMedia slot. As with the rest of the camera, everything is silvery smooth, with the exception of the input jacks which are uncovered. The SmartMedia slot is opened by a small, sliding switch and is easily accessible, especially when the camera is mounted to a tripod (something we always appreciate).

The top of the camera features the pop-up flash, which lies smooth when closed, the shutter button and the mode dial, which selects the exposure mode. The mode dial has a knurled rim which provides a nice grip for your finger. It also clicks into place at each position, giving you clear tactile feedback as you move through the settings.

On the back panel of the camera are the majority of the exposure controls, zoom controls, menu button, LCD panel and optical viewfinder. All the controls are silver and smooth, and so compactly grouped that one-handed operation is definitely possible (although two hands are needed to access jog control options via the "shift" key). A small rubber handgrip on the right side provides a more secure hold on the camera. We found the "jog control" arrow button setup interesting, as the four arrows encircle a small, black and white LCD display panel which shows the current function of each arrow button. (It also says "Hello" or "Bye" when you turn the camera on or off.) The benefit of this small information display is that it allows you to access various Setup menu items without relying on the menu systems on the large (and typically power-hungry) LCD screen or entering Setup mode.

The 4700z features a nice flat bottom, holding the tripod mount and battery compartment. Unfortunately, the real estate is too small to allow much space between the battery compartment and tripod mount, meaning battery changes aren't possible on a tripod. This probably won't be a major concern for most people, but we tend notice it because of the amount of studio work we do. The battery compartment itself is very simple to get to, as the cover just slides out and then opens. (Many digicams feature locking battery compartments that are a little tricky to operate, so we highly appreciate one that's so straightforward).

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