Olympus FE-110 Performance

Timing and Performance

Slow timing for a consumer camera.

Power On -> First shot
LCD turns on and lens extends forward.
3.0 - 9
First time is time to retract lens, second time is worst-case buffer-clearing time.
Play to Record, first shot
Time until first shot is captured.
Record to play
12.6 / 4.3
First time is that required to display a large/fine file immediately after capture, second time is that needed to display a large/fine file that has already been processed and stored on the memory card. Camera writes the file to the memory card very slowly, and reads it back again very slowly when entering playback mode.
Shutter lag, full autofocus
1.04 / 1.00
First time is at full wide-angle, second is full telephoto. Focusing times are inconsistent even with bright, well-defined target.
Shutter lag, prefocus
Time to capture, after half-pressing shutter button.
Cycle Time, max/min resolution
6.84 / 2.74
First number is for large/fine files, second number is time for "TV" mode (640x480) images. Times are averages. In both modes, clears the buffer after each shot. This takes about 6 seconds for large/fine files, 2 seconds for TV size files.
Cycle Time, Flash exposures
(Flash at maximum power output)
Download speed
Windows Computer, USB 2.0
626 KBytes/sec
Typical Values:
Less than 600=USB 1.1;
600-770=USB 2.0 Low;
Above 770=USB 2.0 High

The Olympus FE-110 proved more than a little sluggish in my testing, beginning with its very slow startup time of 3.8 seconds. Shutter lag is on the slow side as well at both wide angle and telephoto, and even prefocusing the camera (by halfway pressing and holding the Shutter button) is slow at 0.212 second. Shot to shot cycle times are agonizing, at about 6.84 seconds for large/fine JPEGs. The camera's download speed is fair, however. Bottom line, the FE-110 won't even be a passable choice for sporting events (it doesn't even have a continuous shooting mode), though it will do well for average sight-seeing and travel shots. If you've never used another digital camera, you might not notice; but if you have, you'll be sorely disappointed.

Battery and Storage Capacity

Short battery life from the two AA cells.

Operating Mode
Battery Life
Still-image capture mode
LCD on
92 minutes
Still-image capture mode
half-pressed shutter
88 minutes
Image playback
217 minutes

The Olympus FE-110 uses two AA-type batteries for power, or the optional AC adaptor. The table above shows maximum run times based on our power measurements and the rated performance of its battery. Given the short run times, you should definitely consider purchasing set of rechargeable batteries and a charger, and keeping a set freshly charged and on-hand.

A 16MB xD-Picture Card is included with the Olympus FE-110, although it also features 28MB internal memory.

Image Capacity with
28MB Internal Memory
Fine Normal
2,560 x 1,920 Images 7 23
File Size 3.7MB 1.2MB
1,600 x 1,200 Images - 43
File Size - 656K
640 x 480
Images - 179
File Size - 160K

I strongly recommend buying at least a 128MB card, preferably a 256MB one, to give yourself extra space for extended outings.


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