Casio FH20 Modes and Menus

Capture Modes: The mode dial on the right side of the FH20's top panel is a little unusual, as it provides access to its various capture modes, not the exposure modes normally found on the dial. The camera's menu system is used to accesses the traditional P.A.S.M. exposure modes, as well as the 18 "Best Shot" scene modes the FH20 offers.

The capture modes available are:

  • Flash CS: Flash Continuous Still mode records consecutive images while firing the flash, a very unique feature. You can select a rate of 1, 3 or 5 fps (frames-per-second), and you can specify recording a burst of 3, 5, 7 or 10 images. Burst rate may slow if the flash takes longer to recharge than the interval selected, so the actual rate will vary with subject and lighting conditions.
  • High Speed CS: High-Speed Continuous mode lets you set 1, 3, 4, 10, 15, 30 or 40 frames-per-second. At 30 fps and below, the maximum resolution is 8 megapixels, dropping to 7 megapixels at 40 fps.
  • Single Shot: This mode captures only one image when the shutter release is pressed.
  • HS: This mode records high-speed movies. Movies with a resolution of 480x360 pixels can be captured at 30 to 210 fps. 224x168 pixel movies are captured at 420 fps and 224x56 pixel movies can be captured at an astounding 1,000 fps! There is also a YouTube mode. Autofocus is fixed, no audio is recorded, and zoom is not supported in this mode.
  • HS/STD: This mode records High Definition (1280x720 @ 30 fps) or Standard Definition (640x480 @ 30fps) movies. Optical zoom or audio recording is supported, but not both simultaneously. When Optical Zoom On / Record Off is selected in the movie menu, continuous autofocus is performed. When Optical Zoom Off / Record On is selected, continuous AF is not performed, but focus can be re-adjusted by half-pressing the shutter button, however AF noise will be recorded.

Playback Mode: The Playback button on the rear panel accesses Playback mode, where you can review captured images, scroll through the images on the card and enlarge captured images or display them in an index format for quick viewing.


Casio FH20 Menus

In the section below, we're taking a different approach than we have previously in presenting the FH20's menu structure. Rather than list and verbally describe each option, we'll present the top-level menu screens in the main text without comment, and provide links to pages showing the entire FH20 menu structure, page by page.


Casio FH20 Record Menu

Casio FH20 full Record menu layout
(note, large download for dialup users)

Casio FH20 Quality Menu

Casio FH20 full Quality menu layout
(note, large download for dialup users)

Casio FH20 Playback Menu

Casio FH20 full Playback menu layout
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Casio FH20 Setup Menu

Casio FH20 full Setup menu layout
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