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File: Yindoors.JPG

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Exif parsing courtesy of Phil Harvey's ExifTool.

Warning [minor] Possibly incorrect maker notes offsets (fix by 4128?)
  F I L E
FileName Yindoors.JPG
FileSize 3.9 MB
FileModifyDate 2010:05:24 13:59:09-04:00
FilePermissions rw-r--r--
FileType JPEG
MIMEType image/jpeg
ExifByteOrder Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
ImageWidth 4320
ImageHeight 3240
EncodingProcess Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
BitsPerSample 8
ColorComponents 3
YCbCrSubSampling YCbCr4:2:2 (2 1)
PreviewImage SCALAR(0x16b5b190)
  E X I F
Model DSC-H00
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
XResolution 72
YResolution 72
ResolutionUnit inches
ModifyDate 2010:04:11 11:04:17
YCbCrPositioning Co-sited
ExposureTime 1/30
FNumber 3.5
ExposureProgram Program AE
ISO 250
ExifVersion 0221
DateTimeOriginal 2010:04:11 11:04:17
CreateDate 2010:04:11 11:04:17
ComponentsConfiguration Y, Cb, Cr, -
CompressedBitsPerPixel 4
ExposureCompensation 0
MaxApertureValue 3.5
MeteringMode Multi-segment
LightSource Unknown
Flash Auto, Fired, Return detected
FocalLength 4.2 mm
FlashpixVersion 0100
ColorSpace sRGB
ExifImageWidth 4320
ExifImageHeight 3240
InteropVersion 0100
FileSource Digital Camera
SceneType Directly photographed
CustomRendered Normal
ExposureMode Auto
SceneCaptureType Portrait
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Sharpness Normal
OffsetSchema 4128
Padding SCALAR(0x16132a00)
Compression JPEG (old-style)
ThumbnailOffset 15068
ThumbnailLength 4525
  M A K E R N O T E S
AutoHDR Off
Macro Off
FocusMode Permanent-AF
AFMode Face Detected
AFIlluminator Off
Quality Normal
FlashLevel Normal
ReleaseMode Normal
SequenceNumber Single
Anti-Blur On (Continuous)
LongExposureNoiseReduction Off
DynamicRangeOptimizer Standard
IntelligentAuto On
WhiteBalance Auto
PrintIMVersion 0300
MPFVersion 0100
NumberOfImages 2
MPImageFlags Dependent child image
MPImageFormat JPEG
MPImageType Large Thumbnail (full HD equivalent)
MPImageLength 674882
MPImageStart 4057550
DependentImage1EntryNumber 0
DependentImage2EntryNumber 0
  X M P
About uuid:faf5bdd5-ba3d-11da-ad31-d33d75182f1b
DateAcquired 2010:04:14 10:32:01
  C O M P O S I T E
Aperture 3.5
ImageSize 4320x3240
ShutterSpeed 1/30
ThumbnailImage SCALAR(0x168ee960)
FocalLength35efl 4.2 mm
LightValue 7.2

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