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Sony DSC-P1

Sony packs a 3 megapixel CCD and a full 3x optical zoom lens into an exceptionally compact digicam!

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Review First Posted: 9/12/2000

Ultra-compact form factor for maximum portability
High-quality 3 megapixel CCD for 2048x1536 images
Full 3x optical zoom lens plus 2x Precision Digital Zoom
12-bit digitization for excellent tonal range
* Optional Marine Pack for underwater use to 100 ft (30m)!

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Manufacturer Overview
There seems to be a hot trend afoot in the digicam market, toward very small, portable cameras. A number of factors are driving this, including market demand from style-conscious consumers, ever-advancing technology, and the truism that cameras sitting in drawers and closets don't take many pictures. Canon arguably kicked off this trend with their small 2 megapixel Digital ELPH, and Kodak has recently announced their compact if not exactly feature-laden DC3800. Now, Sony has joined the fray with a highly-featured 3 megapixel ultra-compact digicam, the DSC-P1.

We think the new DSC-P1 hits a real "sweet spot" in the digicam market, combining a very pocket-friendly size and shape with topnotch image quality and an impressive list of features. In working with the camera, we were left very much with an impression of a "no compromises" design mandate, from the super-sharp 3x zoom lens to the 3 high-performance 3 megapixel sensor itself. While it lacks the complex exposure modes of the Sony's flagship DSC-S70, the image quality and flexibility need no excuses: This is a top-tier 3 megapixel camera that just happens to be packaged in a very compact body! Throw in an optional "marine" case that's waterproof to a full 100 feet (30 meters), and you have a digicam that truly deserves the label "go anywhere!"


  • 3.34 megapixel Super HAD CCD delivering up to 2048 x 1536 pixel images.
  • 1.5 inch Pixel Precision LCD, 123,000 (!) pixels.
  • 3x (!), 8 to 24 mm lens (equivalent to a 39 to 117 mm lens on a 35 mm camera).
  • 6x Precision digital enlargement.
  • Automatically controlled aperture ranging from f/2.8 - f/5.3 at wide angle, f/5.6 - f/9.6 at telephoto
  • Automatic exposure with five Program AE preset exposure modes.
  • Manually adjustable white balance with four operating modes.
  • Built-in flash with four operating modes.
  • Movie, Clip Motion, E-Mail, Voice Memo and Text capture modes.
  • Creative Picture Effects menu.
  • MPEG, GIF, JPEG and uncompressed TIFF file formats.
  • Images saved on Memory Sticks, eight megabyte card included.
  • USB cable for connection to a PC or Macintosh computer.
  • InfoLithium battery system.
  • DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) printing compatibility.

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