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Polaroid PDC-3000 Test Images

Special note: Some browsers may have trouble displaying the "super high quality" (1600x1200) images from the PDC-3000. If you experience difficulty viewing the large images, you can either give your browser more memory space (if you're using a Mac), or download the image first to your hard drive. If you continue to have difficulty, contact us at [email protected] for assistance copying the images via ftp protocol.
These files have been JPEG compressed
The PDC-3000 outputs very large files in an uncompressed TIFF format. In order to present these images on the web, we had to convert them to the JPEG format, which is a "lossy" compression. We have been very conservative in our use of compression, choosing a setting of 8 in Photoshop 4.0 to save the images for the website. By actual measurement, no pixel has a value different from that of the original image of more than 6 brightness units, and most differences are 2 units or less. Nonetheless, there will be some loss of objective image quality relative to the originals, even if not visible to the eye. While we don't believe these differences will be visible in the images, we are compelled to point out the processing of the images so our readers can accurately assess the capabilities of this camera. (If you would like copies of the uncompressed images, please email us at
[email protected], and we can make the originals available to you by special arrangement.)
Outdoor portrait: (169K) Slightly "flat" image preserves full range of shadow and highlight detail, allowing post-exposure tonaly adjustment. Good color, excellent detail.
(1600x1200 version.) (384K)
Indoor portrait, flash: (136K) Powerful flash "takes over" from room lighting. Slightly flat, but excellent job of holding highlight detail in the white shirt. Good color, excellent detail.
(1600x1200 version.) (324K)
Indoor portrait, no flash: (160K) Again, good detail, but slightly flat due to lack of clear highlights. This version (186K) shows results of a Photoshop "auto levels" adjustment. (Cleans up easily.) Interestingly, the 1600x1200 version (446K) is considerably lighter.
House shot: (276K) Excellent detail, excellent color, no compression artifacts. (Original is uncompressed.)
(1600x1200 version.) (643K)
"Musicians" poster: (211K) Great color and skin tones, exceptional detail, no compression artifacts.
(1600x1200 version.) (487K)
Macro shot: (179K) True macro shots require optional tele lens and auxilliary close-up filters, as used here. Excellent detail and tonal range. (Incandescent lighting and in-camera white balance.)
(1600x1200 version.) (407k)
"Davebox" test target: (143K) Excellent color rendition in "MacBeth" color chart, no sensor overload problems around reflections of lights in pot lid. Exceptional dynamic range: Handles full range of grayscale, good rendition of delicate pastel shades in Q60 target.
(1600x1200 version.) (322K)
"WG-18" resolution target: (1080K) (Technoids only) - Visual resolution of ~650-700 line pairs/picture height, even higher along diagonal axis. Very clean, no artifacts. (167K)
(1600x1200 version.) (391K)
(1600x1200 with least possible JPEG.) (1080K!)
Viewfinder accuracy target: (145K) Good lateral accuracy, but about a 2 degree rotation of the field of view relative to the sensor.  

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