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Toshiba PDR-2

Manufacturer Toshiba
Model PDR-2
List Price $219
Sensor Resolution (Pixels) 330,000
Image Dimensions 640x480 (F), 320x240 (S)
Compression Levels 2 (F, S)
Sensitivity - ASA/ISO equivalent rating 100
Lens Type Glass
Lens - Focal Length (35mm equivalents) 49mm
Lens - Aperture Range F2.8
Filter Threads n/a
Shutter Speed Range 1/8 to 1/1,000
Exposure Automatic
Exposure Compensation n/a
Self-Timer n/a
Focus Fixed
Focus Range 3 ft (0.9m) - infinity
Macro Range (4 in to 6 in)
Storage Removable 3.3v SSFDC (2 meg standard)
Image Capacity 24-48 (2 meg card)
File Format(s) JPEG
Image Capture Cycle Time, secs (High/Low Res) 5
Image Download Time, secs @115K baud ("HQ" image mode) 0.1 (Direct PC card connection)
Flash Range n/a
Flash Modes n/a
Viewfinder Optical
LCD Screen n/a
Video Out n/a
Special Features Direct PC connection via built-in PC card interface
Power 1 Lithium battery (CR123A)
Usable Battery Types CR123A, CR17345
Size 4.1x3.3x1.2 inches (105x55x30mm)
Weight 5.3 oz (150g) (INCLUDING battery)
Software Toshiba software, Sierra Online Image Expert, LivePix
Optional Accessories Macro, Telephoto, Wide angle adapters, 2,4, 8M memory cards

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