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Toshiba PDR-2 Test Images

Outdoor portrait: Slightly muted color and soft focus. Bumping the saturation in an image-editing program would help the color, but with the detail, "what you see is what you'll get."
Indoor portrait, no flash: The PDR-2's white balance isn't as aggressive as some, with the result that this incandescent-lit shot has a warmer color balance than with some other cameras. Nonetheless, this picture shows that the camera can take acceptable pictures in well-lit indoor conditions, even without a flash.  
House shot: Decent detail, with some aliasing evident in the bricks. This shot also reveals some loss of detail and exposure falloff in the corners. (Check the sub-VGA version of this image for a same-price comparison though!)  
"Musicians" poster: Good tonal range, with slight loss of detail in the highlights. Good skin tones.  
Macro shot: Very nice close-up capability! Since the camera is a fixed-focus device, you can't move in or out very much to accommodate different-sized subjects, but for small subjects, the performance is excellent.  
"Davebox" test target: Strong colors are fairly bright, but limited tonal range. Tendency to lose highlights is evident in white-on-white area in lower right-hand corner, and in the missing detail in the pastels of the Q60 color target.  
"WG-18" resolution target: (Technoids only) - Visual resolution of ~350-375 line pairs/picture height. Interestingly, aliasing is much less evident in the horizontal patterns than in the vertical.  
Viewfinder accuracy/flash uniformity target: Although the eyeglass-wearing tester had a hard time seeing the framing marks, the viewfinder was actually one of the most accurate we've tested! With glasses off, the framing marks were much more visible, even if the subject wasn't. ;-)  

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