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File: YHPIM0550.JPG

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Exif parsing courtesy of Phil Harvey's ExifTool.

  F I L E
FileName YHPIM0550.JPG
FileSize 3 MB
FileModifyDate 2006:09:15 06:29:28
FileType JPEG
MIMEType image/jpeg
ImageWidth 3296
ImageHeight 2480
  E X I F
Make Hewlett-Packard
Model HP PhotoSmart R927 (V01.00)
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
XResolution 300
YResolution 300
ResolutionUnit inches
ModifyDate 2006:09:07 17:46:30
YCbCrPositioning Centered
ExposureTime 1/119
FNumber 2.8
ExposureProgram Program AE
ISO 130
Opto-ElectricConvFactor SCALAR(0x9e08060)
ExifVersion 0220
DateTimeOriginal 2006:09:07 17:46:30
CreateDate 2006:09:07 17:46:30
ComponentsConfiguration 0321
ShutterSpeedValue 1/120
ApertureValue 2.9
BrightnessValue 4.621094
ExposureCompensation 0
MaxApertureValue 2.6
MeteringMode Center-weighted average
LightSource Other
Flash Auto, Did not fire
FocalLength 8.4mm
FlashpixVersion 0010
ColorSpace sRGB
ExifImageWidth 3296
ExifImageLength 2480
InteropIndex R98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
InteropVersion 0100
FocalPlaneXResolution 2.2e-05
FocalPlaneYResolution 2.2e-05
FocalPlaneResolutionUnit cm
ExposureIndex 130
SensingMethod Not defined
FileSource Digital Camera
SceneType Directly photographed
CustomRendered Normal
ExposureMode Auto
WhiteBalance Auto
FocalLengthIn35mmFormat 38mm
SceneCaptureType Standard
GainControl Low gain up
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Sharpness Normal
DeviceSettingDescription 0000A00007A00008A0HPSI00020011A00001A00001A0000000000021A00000A00000A0000000000031A00000A00000A0000000800032A00000A00000A0000000800041A00000A00000A0000000990042A00000A00000A0000000990043A00000A00000A0000000000044A00000A00000A0000000990051A00001A00001A0000000800061A00001A00001A0000000000062A00000A00000A0000000000063A00000A00000A0000000000064A00000A00000A0000000000071A00001A00001A000000000
SubjectDistanceRange Close
Compression JPEG (old-style)
ThumbnailOffset 4448
ThumbnailLength 10536
  C O M P O S I T E
Aperture 2.8
ImageSize 3296x2480
ScaleFactor35efl 4.5
ShutterSpeed 1/119
ThumbnailImage SCALAR(0x9e08578)
CircleOfConfusion 0.007 mm
FocalLength35efl 8.4mm (35mm equivalent: 38.0mm)
HyperfocalDistance 3.79 m
LightValue 9.5

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