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File: YIMG_0174.JPG

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Exif parsing courtesy of Phil Harvey's ExifTool.

  F I L E
FileName YIMG_0174.JPG
FileSize 1715 kB
FileModifyDate 2007:07:27 02:27:02
FileType JPEG
MIMEType image/jpeg
ImageWidth 3264
ImageHeight 2448
  E X I F
Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot SD850 IS
XResolution 180
YResolution 180
ResolutionUnit inches
ModifyDate 2007:07:12 11:33:10
YCbCrPositioning Centered
Copyright Copyright 2007 by Michael Roy Pasini. All Rights Reserved.
ExposureTime 1/400
FNumber 5.5
ISO 80
ExifVersion 0220
DateTimeOriginal 2007:07:12 11:33:10
CreateDate 2007:07:12 11:33:10
ComponentsConfiguration YCbCr
CompressedBitsPerPixel 5
ShutterSpeedValue 1/403
ApertureValue 5.5
MaxApertureValue 5.5
Flash Off
FocalLength 23.2mm
FlashpixVersion 0100
ColorSpace sRGB
ExifImageWidth 3264
ExifImageLength 2448
InteropIndex R98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
InteropVersion 0100
RelatedImageWidth 3264
RelatedImageLength 2448
FocalPlaneXResolution 58026.67
FocalPlaneYResolution 57940.83
FocalPlaneResolutionUnit inches
SensingMethod One-chip color area
FileSource Digital Camera
CustomRendered Normal
ExposureMode Auto
DigitalZoomRatio 4
SceneCaptureType Standard
Compression JPEG (old-style)
ThumbnailOffset 3572
ThumbnailLength 4719
  M A K E R N O T E S
MacroMode Normal
Self-timer 0
Quality Superfine
CanonFlashMode Off
ContinuousDrive Single
FocusMode Single
RecordMode JPEG
CanonImageSize Large
EasyMode Manual
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Sharpness Normal
CameraISO Auto
MeteringMode Evaluative
FocusRange Auto
AFPoint Auto AF point selection
CanonExposureMode Easy
LensType Unknown (-1)
LongFocal 23.2mm
ShortFocal 5.8mm
FocalUnits 1000
MaxAperture 5.5
MinAperture 16
FlashBits (none)
FocusContinuous Single
AESetting Normal AE
ImageStabilization On, Shot Only
DisplayAperture 5.5
ZoomSourceWidth 816
ZoomTargetWidth 3264
FocalType Zoom
FocalPlaneXSize 23.39mm
FocalPlaneYSize 17.55mm
AutoISO 75
BaseISO 100
MeasuredEV 9.78
TargetAperture 5.5
TargetExposureTime 1/403
ExposureCompensation 0
WhiteBalance Auto
SlowShutter Off
SequenceNumber 0
OpticalZoomCode 8
FlashGuideNumber 0
FlashExposureComp 0
AutoExposureBracketing Off
AEBBracketValue 0
FocusDistanceUpper 65.53
FocusDistanceLower 0
BulbDuration 0
CameraType Compact
AutoRotate None
NDFilter Off
Self-timer2 0
CanonImageType IMG:PowerShot SD850 IS JPEG
CanonFirmwareVersion Firmware Version 1.00
FileNumber 103-0174
CanonModelID PowerShot SD850 IS / Digital IXUS 950 IS
FirmwareRevision 1.00 rev 3.00
  I P T C
CopyrightNotice Copyright 2007 by Michael Roy Pasini. All Rights Reserved.
ApplicationRecordVersion 4
  X M P
Rights Copyright 2007 by Michael Roy Pasini. All Rights Reserved.
Marked True
  C O M P O S I T E
Aperture 5.5
DigitalZoom 4.00x
DriveMode Single-frame shooting
FlashOn Off
ImageSize 3264x2448
Lens 5.8 - 23.2mm
ScaleFactor35efl 5.9
ShootingMode Manual
ShutterSpeed 1/400
ThumbnailImage SCALAR(0x99aa224)
CircleOfConfusion 0.005 mm
FocalLength35efl 23.2mm (35mm equivalent: 137.3mm)
HyperfocalDistance 19.27 m
Lens35efl 5.8 - 23.2mm (35mm equivalent: 34.3 - 137.3mm)
LightValue 13.9

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