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Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n Digital SLR

Kodak updates their Pro 14n with a new sensor, improved processing, and greatly reduced image noise.

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SLR/n Photo Gallery!

Review First Posted: 02/12/2004

Kodak DCS SLR/n Digital SLR
Gallery Images

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(This is an interesting shot, using the SLR/n's low-ISO capability. This image is the result of a 60-second exposure, in a crowded pedestrian mall. The long exposure makes the moving people vanish, despite the crowds that were present. (See YGD4F0164.JPG below to see what the scene actually looked like.)
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(Here's the "normal" exposure of the same scene shot above as YGD4F0156.JPG. This version was shot at ISO 800 though, so you can actually see the level of pedestrian traffic that was present when the shot above was captured.) (Not to mention the high levels of images noise the SLR/n produces at ISO 800.)
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