Canon 77D First Shots

Lab images from Canon's new sub-$1000 intermediate-level DSLR

by William Brawley

Simultaneously announced alongside the T7i last month ahead of CP+, the new Canon 77D features an altogether similar imaging pipeline as its Rebel-series sibling, housing a high-res 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and the latest-generation DIGIC 7 image processor. Where the 77D differs from the T7i is mostly down to body design and ergonomics, with the 77D featuring more enthusiast-level DSLR styling such as a top-deck LCD and locking mode dial.

We'll get into all the details about the 77D's handling and performance once it hits the road for a Field Test, but for now, we have the camera undergoing its initial lab testing and our Canon 77D First Shots series of lab images are now fresh for pixel-peeping. Like the T7i, the 77D has bit more range across the ISO scale compared to earlier models, like the T6s, offering a native ISO range of 100-25,600, with an expanded high ISO sensitivity of 51,200.

Given the similarity to the T7i, we could also compare images from the T6s and Nikon D5600 against the Canon 77D, but we felt it might make more sense to offer some quick side-by-sides against a couple of higher-end models that are priced just a bit higher than the 77D's MSRP. Below, we have base ISO (100) and ISO 3200 comparisons of the 77D against the Canon 80D and the Nikon D7200. Of course, we welcome you to compare our lab images from the 77D against any other camera we've tested so far by using our trusty Comparometer.

Canon 77D vs. Canon 80D

Base ISO (100): Canon 77D (left) vs. Canon 80D (right)

ISO 3200: Canon 77D (left) vs. Canon 80D (right)


Canon 77D vs. Nikon D7200

Base ISO (100): Canon 77D (left) vs. Nikon D7200 (right)

ISO 3200: Canon 77D (left) vs. Nikon D7200 (right)

Stay tuned as we continue with our Canon 77D review!

Canon 77D First Shots


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