Canon 7D Mark II Optics

The Canon 7D Mark II is available body-only, or bundled with the Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens. To see how this lens performs, see our Canon 70D Optics page or our full review of this lens on

Below are our Canon 7D II viewfinder accuracy test results.

Viewfinder Test Results

Fair accuracy from the optical viewfinder, though excellent accuracy from the LCD in Live View mode.

70mm, Optical Viewfinder 70mm, LCD Live View

We measured the Canon 7D Mark II's optical viewfinder's coverage at just under 98%. This is a somewhat short of Canon's 100% coverage specification. The resulting image was also slightly tilted with respect to the sensor, which is unfortunately quite common with optical SLR viewfinders. Live View mode using the LCD in record mode was much more accurate, resulting in essentially 100% coverage, and of course the image isn't tilted or offset.


The images above were taken from our standardized test shots. For a collection of more pictorial photos, see our Canon EOS 7D Mark II Photo Gallery .

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