Canon 90D Field Test Part I

On the track & around town: Canon's new intermediate-level DSLR tested

by William Brawley |

Announced alongside the compact EOS M6 Mark II, the new 90D shares many features with this smaller, lighter mirrorless camera. Both offer the same imaging pipeline (and thus more or less identical image quality performance), both have similar performance specs and the video-shooting features have a lot in common. For photographers and videographers alike, the 90D and M6 II offer a lot of bang for the buck.

In the end, Canon is providing customers with a choice in form factor. Do you prefer a smaller, lighter, more portable camera with an electronic viewfinder? If so then grab the M6 II. If you love a bright optical viewfinder, prominent handgrip and better ergonomics with longer, heavier lenses, then the 90D is probably the better choice.

Let's take a closer look at the new Canon 90D and see how it handles and performs in the field...