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Fuji X-T20 First Shots

Comparisons using our Still Life test samples

By Dave Pardue | Posted: 05/04/2017

The Fuji X-T10 was quite the popular offering on our site for readers and for the review staff here on our team when it was unveiled in 2015. It took the imaging pipeline from the X-T1 and placed it into a more affordable consumer-priced body, and that formula resonated with a lot of shooters out there. The X-T20 really ups the ante by sporting a similar sensor and processor as those housed in the award-winning X-Pro2 and X-T2 cameras, all while still keeping the price tag well under $1000. So, how's the image quality?

We've just completed our laboratory First Shots, which is our first chance to really inspect the image quality and compare it to its predecessor and current competitors in the mid-level APS-C world. You can head to our X-T20 Samples page to take a much closer look and pixel peep all the way up the available ISO range. We find it even more eye-opening to view the images side-by-side against the competition in our Comparometer, especially as ISO rises. After all, most cameras can produce a good image at base ISO these days, but as the stops increase and ISO rises the quality becomes more distinguishable!

To get you started on your comparison journey with the X-T20, below are side-by-sides at ISO 3200 against the Fuji X-T10, Canon T7i, Nikon D5600 and Sony A6500. This ISO in the APS-C world represents a good test for checking overall sharpness relative to noise levels, as it begins to be a real trade-off between the two here. Note that the X-T10 is 16mp, while the X-T20 and the additional competitors are all roughly 24mp.

Fuji X-T10 vs Fuji X-T20

Fuji X-T10

Fuji X-T20

ISO 3200

Canon T7i vs Fuji X-T20

Canon T7i

Fuji X-T20

ISO 3200

Nikon D5600 vs Fuji X-T20

Nikon D5600

Fuji X-T20

ISO 3200

Sony A6500 vs Fuji X-T20

Sony A6500

Fuji X-T20

ISO 3200

So there are just a few comparisons! Stay tuned, as we'll be bringing you our full Image Quality Comparisons and Print Quality Analysis shortly. In the meantime make sure and head to the Comparometer to do more comparison explorations against the models that most interest you.

Fuji X-T20 Lab Samples

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