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  F I L E
FileName Y_DSC1355.JPG
FileSize 8.8 MB
FileModifyDate 2017:01:04 16:04:38-05:00
FileAccessDate 2017:01:24 12:19:58-05:00
FileInodeChangeDate 2017:01:22 00:00:14-05:00
FileType JPEG
FileTypeExtension jpg
MIMEType image/jpeg
ExifByteOrder Little-endian (Intel, II)
ImageWidth 7952
ImageHeight 5304
EncodingProcess Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
BitsPerSample 8
ColorComponents 3
YCbCrSubSampling YCbCr4:2:2 (2 1)
  E X I F
Model ILCA-99M2
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
XResolution 350
YResolution 350
ResolutionUnit inches
Software ILCA-99M2 v1.00
ModifyDate 2017:01:04 16:04:39
WhitePoint 0.313 0.329
PrimaryChromaticities 0.64 0.33 0.21 0.71 0.15 0.06
YCbCrCoefficients 0.299 0.587 0.114
YCbCrPositioning Co-sited
ExposureTime 5
FNumber 8.0
ExposureProgram Aperture-priority AE
ISO 50
SensitivityType Recommended Exposure Index
RecommendedExposureIndex 50
ExifVersion 0231
DateTimeOriginal 2017:01:04 16:04:39
CreateDate 2017:01:04 16:04:39
ComponentsConfiguration Y, Cb, Cr, -
CompressedBitsPerPixel 2
BrightnessValue 0.45078125
ExposureCompensation +0.3
MaxApertureValue 2.8
MeteringMode Multi-segment
LightSource Unknown
Flash Off, Did not fire
FocalLength 16.0 mm
FlashpixVersion 0100
ColorSpace Uncalibrated
ExifImageWidth 7952
ExifImageHeight 5304
InteropIndex R03 - DCF option file (Adobe RGB)
InteropVersion 0100
FileSource Digital Camera
SceneType Directly photographed
CustomRendered Normal
ExposureMode Auto
WhiteBalance Auto
DigitalZoomRatio 1
FocalLengthIn35mmFormat 16 mm
SceneCaptureType Standard
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Sharpness Normal
LensInfo 16-35mm f/2.8
LensModel 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM II
Gamma 2.2
Compression JPEG (old-style)
Model ILCA-99M2
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
XResolution 72
YResolution 72
ResolutionUnit inches
Software ILCA-99M2 v1.00
ModifyDate 2017:01:04 16:04:39
ThumbnailOffset 39092
ThumbnailLength 8346
YCbCrPositioning Co-sited
  M A K E R N O T E S
Rating 0
Contrast 0
Saturation 0
Sharpness 0
Brightness 0
LongExposureNoiseReduction Off
HighISONoiseReduction Normal
HDR Off; Uncorrected image
WBShiftAB_GM 0 0
WBShiftAB_GM_Precise 0.00 0.00
FaceInfoOffset 94
SonyDateTime 2017:01:04 16:04:39
SonyImageHeight 5304
SonyImageWidth 7952
FacesDetected 0
FaceInfoLength 37
MetaVersion DC7303320222000
CreativeStyle Standard
ColorTemperature Auto
ColorCompensationFilter 0
SceneMode Standard
ZoneMatching ISO Setting Used
DynamicRangeOptimizer Auto
ImageStabilization On
ColorMode Standard
FullImageSize 7952x5304
PreviewImageSize 1616x1080
FileFormat ARW 2.3.2
Quality RAW + JPEG
FlashExposureComp 0
WhiteBalanceFineTune 0
WhiteBalance Auto
SonyModelID Unknown (354)
MultiFrameNoiseReduction Off
PictureEffect Off
SoftSkinEffect Off
VignettingCorrection Auto
LateralChromaticAberration Auto
DistortionCorrectionSetting Off
LensType Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM (SAL1635Z) or ZA SSM II
LensSpec 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM II
AutoPortraitFramed No
FlashAction Did not fire
FocusMode AF-S
AFAreaModeSetting Expanded Flexible Spot
AFPointSelected Unknown (249)
AFPointsUsed (none)
FocalPlaneAFPointsUsed 9
FocalPlaneAFPointArea 640 428
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation1 395 294
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation2 395 310
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation3 422 310
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation4 0 0
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation5 0 0
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation6 0 0
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation7 0 0
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation8 0 0
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation9 0 0
FocusLocation 7952 5304 4634 3834
VariableLowPassFilter n/a
RAWFileType Uncompressed RAW
ExposureMode Aperture-priority AE
FlashLevel Normal
ReleaseMode Continuous
SequenceNumber 3
Anti-Blur On (Shooting)
DynamicRangeOptimizer Standard
IntelligentAuto Off
WhiteBalance Auto
ReleaseMode2 Continuous
ShotNumberSincePowerUp 3
SequenceImageNumber 3
SequenceLength 3 shots
SequenceFileNumber 3
SequenceLength 3 files
CameraOrientation Horizontal (normal)
Quality2 RAW + JPEG
SonyImageHeight 5304
ModelReleaseYear 2016
CameraTemperature 21 C
BatteryTemperature 25.0 C
BatteryLevel 53%
AFType 79-point
FocusMode AF-S
AFPointsUsed (none)
AFPoint E6 Center Vertical
AFPointInFocus (none)
AFPointAtShutterRelease (none)
AFAreaMode Expanded Flexible Spot
AFStatusActiveSensor Front Focus (-11)
ExposureProgram Aperture-priority AE
AFMicroAdj 0
AFStatus_00_B4 Front Focus (-30)
AFStatus_01_C4 Front Focus (-38)
AFStatus_02_D4 Front Focus (-34)
AFStatus_03_E4 Back Focus (+64)
AFStatus_04_F4 Out of Focus
AFStatus_05_G4 Out of Focus
AFStatus_06_H4 Back Focus (+86)
AFStatus_07_B3 Front Focus (-49)
AFStatus_08_C3 Front Focus (-70)
AFStatus_09_D3 Front Focus (-77)
AFStatus_10_E3 Out of Focus
AFStatus_11_F3 Out of Focus
AFStatus_12_G3 Out of Focus
AFStatus_13_H3 Back Focus (+365)
AFStatus_14_B2 Front Focus (-39)
AFStatus_15_C2 Front Focus (-12)
AFStatus_16_D2 Back Focus (+3)
AFStatus_17_E2 Front Focus (-24)
AFStatus_18_F2 Out of Focus
AFStatus_19_G2 Back Focus (+70)
AFStatus_20_H2 Back Focus (+167)
AFStatus_21_C1 Front Focus (-80)
AFStatus_22_D1 Front Focus (-27)
AFStatus_23_E1 Back Focus (+40)
AFStatus_24_F1 Out of Focus
AFStatus_25_G1 Out of Focus
AFStatus_26_A7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_27_A6_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_28_A5_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_29_C7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_30_C6_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_31_C5_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_32_E7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_33_E6_Center_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_34_E5_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_35_G7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_36_G6_Vertical Front Focus (-53)
AFStatus_37_G5_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_38_I7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_39_I6_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_40_I5_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_41_A7 Out of Focus
AFStatus_42_B7 Front Focus (-23)
AFStatus_43_C7 Front Focus (-15)
AFStatus_44_D7 Back Focus (+43)
AFStatus_45_E7 Back Focus (+62)
AFStatus_46_F7 Out of Focus
AFStatus_47_G7 Out of Focus
AFStatus_48_H7 Back Focus (+60)
AFStatus_49_I7 Back Focus (+68)
AFStatus_50_A6 Out of Focus
AFStatus_51_B6 Front Focus (-73)
AFStatus_52_C6 Front Focus (-86)
AFStatus_53_D6 Front Focus (-47)
AFStatus_54_E6_Center Front Focus (-96)
AFStatus_55_F6 Out of Focus
AFStatus_56_G6 Out of Focus
AFStatus_57_H6 Out of Focus
AFStatus_58_I6 Back Focus (+125)
AFStatus_59_A5 Back Focus (+24)
AFStatus_60_B5 Front Focus (-19)
AFStatus_61_C5 Front Focus (-51)
AFStatus_62_D5 Out of Focus
AFStatus_63_E5 Front Focus (-44)
AFStatus_64_F5 Out of Focus
AFStatus_65_G5 Out of Focus
AFStatus_66_H5 Back Focus (+131)
AFStatus_67_I5 Back Focus (+72)
AFStatus_68_C11 Front Focus (-65)
AFStatus_69_D11 Front Focus (-124)
AFStatus_70_E11 Out of Focus
AFStatus_71_F11 Front Focus (-6)
AFStatus_72_G11 Front Focus (-83)
AFStatus_73_B10 Front Focus (-79)
AFStatus_74_C10 Front Focus (-65)
AFStatus_75_D10 Front Focus (-99)
AFStatus_76_E10 Out of Focus
AFStatus_77_F10 Back Focus (+60)
AFStatus_78_G10 Back Focus (+149)
AFStatus_79_H10 Out of Focus
AFStatus_80_B9 Front Focus (-110)
AFStatus_81_C9 Front Focus (-71)
AFStatus_82_D9 Front Focus (-34)
AFStatus_83_E9 Back Focus (+23)
AFStatus_84_F9 Back Focus (+203)
AFStatus_85_G9 Back Focus (+220)
AFStatus_86_H9 Out of Focus
AFStatus_87_B8 Back Focus (+1)
AFStatus_88_C8 Front Focus (-13)
AFStatus_89_D8 Back Focus (+21)
AFStatus_90_E8 Back Focus (+90)
AFStatus_91_F8 Out of Focus
AFStatus_92_G8 Out of Focus
AFStatus_93_H8 Out of Focus
AFStatus_94_E6_Center_F2-8 Out of Focus
MaxAperture 2.8
MinAperture 22
FlashStatus No Flash present
ImageCount 0
SonyFNumber 0.0
ReleaseMode2 Normal
ReleaseMode2 Normal
InternalSerialNumber b523000000
LensMount A-mount
LensFormat Full-frame
LensType Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM (SAL1635Z) or ZA SSM II
LensSpecFeatures ZA SSM II
PrintIMVersion 0300
MPFVersion 0100
NumberOfImages 2
MPImageFlags Representative image, Dependent parent image
MPImageFormat JPEG
MPImageType Baseline MP Primary Image
MPImageLength 8751383
MPImageStart 0
DependentImage1EntryNumber 2
DependentImage2EntryNumber 0
MPImageFlags Dependent child image
MPImageFormat JPEG
MPImageType Large Thumbnail (full HD equivalent)
MPImageLength 519634
MPImageStart 8751616
DependentImage1EntryNumber 0
DependentImage2EntryNumber 0
  C O M P O S I T E
Aperture 8.0
ImageSize 7952x5304
LensID Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM II (SAL1635Z2)
PreviewImage (binary data)
Megapixels 42.2
ScaleFactor35efl 1.0
ShutterSpeed 5
ThumbnailImage (binary data)
CircleOfConfusion 0.030 mm
FOV 96.7 deg
FocalLength35efl 16.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 16.0 mm)
HyperfocalDistance 1.07 m
LightValue 4.7