Sony RX100 IV Walkaround

by Mike Tomkins | Posted

Sony has retained almost exactly the same body design it used in the RX100 III for the followup Sony RX100 IV. Indeed, body dimensions are identical to those of the earlier camera, and weight is only increased by a scant eight grams.

Look closely, though, and there are a few subtle differences here and there.

Look at the front of the camera, and there's no way to tell the Sony RX100 IV apart from its predecessor. The lens still dominates the front deck, and there are no controls visible save for the front of the zoom rocker that protrudes from the top deck. There's still an AF assist lamp just above and to the right of the lens (as seen from the rear), and all of the same badges and markings remain just as they were in the RX100 III.

Once you move to the top deck, though, there are some subtle tweaks. Most notably, the control ring around the lens barrel now has a diamond-knurled texture, where in the past it had simple, longitudinal grooves. The change is largely cosmetic, but gives perhaps just a touch more grip as well.

Another change can be found on the mode dial. Where previously there were separate positions for Intelligent Auto and Intelligent Auto+ shooting (the latter allowing multi-shot capture), there's now a single combined Auto position. This frees up space for the new HFR position, providing access to the special high frame-rate modes that have been added in the Sony RX100 IV.

In other respects, the top deck, too, is unchanged -- at least, if you ignore the "RX100 IV", "Exmor RS" and "4K" branding.

No changes here. The controls, markings and features of the RX100 IV's back deck are all the same as those of the RX100 III.

As in the RX100 III, the LCD monitor is articulated, as you can see above. It tilts upwards 180 degrees for selfie shooting, or downwards 45 degrees for shooting over your head.

Other than the aforementioned change in the lens ring, there's again nothing new to see on the right-hand side of the Sony RX100 IV. Save for the Wi-Fi logo, Multi and HDMI connector flaps and wrist / neck strap eyelet, this side of the camera is pretty smooth and featureless.

We now come to the left side of the Sony RX100 IV. Just as on the other side, there are no changes of note here beyond the lens ring. The release switch for the popup electronic viewfinder remains just where it was, as does the NFC logo that indicates the location of the short-range antenna for pairing with Android phones and tablets.

Finally, we come to the bottom panel of Sony RX100 IV, which again remains identical to the Mark III, other than labelling.


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