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image of the Apple iPhone 4 digital camera

Apple iPhone 4

5.0 megapixel, Other, Non-Zoom

Apple's iPhone 4 has a good-quality camera module for its size, one that includes a backlit sensor and small autofocus mechanism. Thanks to various applications available for the iPhone 4, it can come in surprisingly handy, and sharing your photos is easier than on most pocket cameras.

Released June 2010

$649.00 Dave's Pick

Express Review

image of the Apple iPhone 4S digital camera

Apple iPhone 4S

8.0 megapixel, Other, Non-Zoom

With a higher-resolution 8-megapixel backlit sensor, a faster processor, and all the photography apps you can imagine, the Apple iPhone 4S is an incremental improvement in color and low-light performance, and offers a minor increase in measured resolution.

Released October 2011

$649.00 Dave's Pick

Express Review


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