Launch prices

The Nikon J1 shipped in the US market from October 2011. The J1 is sold in three different kit versions, all of which include a 10-30mm zoom lens. The single-lens kit has suggested retail pricing of around US$650. Two twin-lens kits, which add either a 10mm prime lens or a 30-110mm zoom lens, are each available for about US$900. The Nikon J1 is sold in a variety of body/lens color choices that let the fashion-conscious match their own personal style. Body and zoom lens color choices include black, silver, white, red, and pink, while the prime lens is available in all of these except pink.

Current prices

Nikon J1 - Kit with 10-30mm Lens

Nikon J1 - Kit with 10-30mm and 30-110mm Lenses

Nikon J1 - Kit with 10mm and 10-30mm Lenses