Launch prices

The YI M1 started shipping in October 2016 in three different kits. The 12-40mm zoom kit had a suggested retail price of around US$500, the 42.5mm prime kit at around US$600, and the twin-lens kit at around US$700. As of this writing (September 2017), street pricing has been slashed by almost half from the list pricing, with the 12-40mm kit now costing around US$300, and the twin-lens kit around US$380. Curiously, the 42.5mm kit is still retailing at US$450, meaning that you actually pay an extra $70 not to have the 12-40mm zoom in the kit. That likely suggests the prime-only kit isn't actually being promoted any more in the US market. Available colors are "Ice Silver" and "Storm Black".

Current prices

We don't have current bundle or pricing information for the YI M1. This typically means the camera is brand new and doesn't yet have official pricing, or that it's very old and is no longer available.