Launch prices

The YI M1 started shipping in October 2016 in three different kits. The 12-40mm zoom kit had a suggested retail price of around US$500, the 42.5mm prime kit at around US$600, and the twin-lens kit at around US$700. As of this writing (September 2017), street pricing has been slashed by almost half from the list pricing, with the 12-40mm kit now costing around US$300, and the twin-lens kit around US$380. Curiously, the 42.5mm kit is still retailing at US$450, meaning that you actually pay an extra $70 not to have the 12-40mm zoom in the kit. That likely suggests the prime-only kit isn't actually being promoted any more in the US market. Available colors are "Ice Silver" and "Storm Black".

Current prices

YI M1 - Kit with 12-40mm lens (Black)

YI M1 - Kit with 12-40mm & 42.5mm lenses (Silver)