Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM

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(From Canon lens literature) A handy, compact zoom lens for versatile and easy subject selection while travelling, etc. The highest optical performance in its class, plus the convenience of focusing as close as 2.3 feet over the entire zooming range. A powerful ring-type USM drive provides silent, high-speed autofocusing, plus the wide zooming range provides an easy, enjoyable picture-taking experience.

Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM

Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM User Reviews

9.6/10 average of 7 review(s) Build Quality 10.0/10 Image Quality 9.4/10
  • 9 out of 10 points and recommended by gunzorro (5 reviews)
    Amazing range, great color, great build, very effective IS, definite "L" quality.
    Not cheap, you know it is a handful -- but less than all those FL as primes!

    This is one of my all-time favorite Canon lenses. I know its size intimidates a lot of people, but it is great for events and weddings. Shoots well wide open. Smooth Leica-like color and tonal transitions make it ideal for shooting people and travel. Coupled with the 16-35L II on another body, you can cover everything in decent light or high ISO. For less range and lighter weight, use the 24-105L IS.

    reviewed April 4th, 2013 (purchased for $1,750)
  • 10 out of 10 points and recommended by Panmunjom (1 reviews)
    Build quality, Also comes in black (for Japan customers only).
    Heavy, Expensive (I don't own it but I do get to use it everyday)

    I use this lens at work with a Canon T1i, I think it works better than the old Nikon D90 & equivalent lens which was rendered damaged beyond repair after having been dropped out the door of a helicopter.

    The IS feature on this lens comes in real handy since most of my shots are from a moving helicopter, we also bought a better camera strap.

    Most people in this forum have mentioned that this lens only comes in white but the one I use is black; maybe it's a special order.

    reviewed December 28th, 2009
  • 10 out of 10 points and recommended by joelypolly (2 reviews)
    Sharp, nice range, build quality, excellent IS and very versatile
    Bit heavy to hand hold at 300mm and does suck in dust on non sealed bodies

    Definitely a good lens for the price. Sharp and the zoom range makes it the perfect lens to use for travel.... not so good if you can't carry a heavy lens.

    To all those that are complaining about it being a dust pump check to see where the air is being sucked in from your camera. On my 30D it sucks air through the battery compartment so you might want to try and keep that area clean or try and seal it against dust. Those that have a sealed camera shouldn't have any issues.

    The pull/push design is much easier to use than two ring style on the normal zooms.

    Images and a more detailed review can be found at

    reviewed April 19th, 2009
  • 8 out of 10 points and not recommended by Wojtek (8 reviews)
    Wide zoom range
    Heavy, expensive, with high distortions on the sides of full frame cameras

    It is a great-looking, well built lens. Full review of the image quality you'll find on
    In summary, the image quality is good for cameras with APS-C sensor, but not as good as a combo of small Canon lenses EF 24-85 mm f/3.5-4.5 USM and EF 75-300 mm f/4-5.6 USM, that cover even a larger range of focal lengths, cumulatively weigh twice less and cost 4x less than this single one. If you hate changing lenses and don't mind carrying 3.7 pounds (plus camera weight), and money is not a factor, this lens is right for you.

    reviewed February 23rd, 2009
  • 10 out of 10 points and recommended by Dogflies (1 reviews)
    Versatility, quaility, image stabilization
    Weight, price

    Great lens. Nice lens to have if you don't want to change out lens during your trip. Love the fact that you only need carry a single lens and still have a wide focal range. Great optics, produces sharp pictures. The weight is the only downside to this lens, but well worth the workout. Would recommend this lens, especially for travel where space is important.

    reviewed December 29th, 2007 (purchased for $2,100)
  • 10 out of 10 points and recommended by frances (4 reviews)
    sharp, versatile

    I have used this lens for about 2 and a half years now. It is wonderful. Sturdy construction and very sharp, contrasty images. I shoot a lot of nature and wildlife, and where the target is within close enough range, the images are superior to the 100~400 (which I also have) The push pull zoom operates smoothly. The build quality is excellent. It focuses quickly and quietly. Image stabilization works great. The only inconveniences that I have with this lens are the weight and the cost. It is heavier and more expensive than the 100~400, but the images are better. If I can take only one lens, this is it. I just wish Canon and Nikon were interchangeable. Then I could use this lens on the Nikon d200.

    reviewed September 24th, 2007 (purchased for $2,400)
  • 10 out of 10 points and recommended by Treble57 (2 reviews)
    28mm to 300mm FF!
    Slow f/3.5-5.6

    I'm not an expert here, and this is my first review, so bear with me! The lens recently went with me on a vacation to Walt Disney World. I brought my 5D and 30D for this trip. While heavy, I carried the zoom with me most of the time. The significance of having such a zoom ratio made the weight trade off worth it, in an environment where carrying a bag of lenses would have been a bit much. On my FF 5D, the lens is as advertised. I found no image issues at any focal point or aperture. Difficult to shoot "speed" or bracket exposures, but otherwise fine. My most "normal" lens is the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM (which is my BEST lens!) but for this particular day in the Magic Kingdom, I needed a longer lens option. Well worth it.

    reviewed March 17th, 2007 (purchased for $2,300)