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(From Panasonic lens literature)

Panasonic is proud to introduce three new interchangeable lenses based on the L-Mount system for the LUMIX S Series Full-frame Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera. Specially focusing on professional use, the LUMIX S Series pursues uncompromising photographic expression with its high-quality cameras and lenses.

  1. LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 (S-X50)
    A large-aperture fixed focal length lens that forms the core of the LUMIX S Series of lenses

  2. LUMIX S PRO 70-200mm F4 O.I.S. (S-R70200)
    A telephoto zoom lens that features high resolution with stunning clarity across the entire zoom range

  3. LUMIX S 24-105mm F4 MACRO O.I.S. (S-R24105)
    A versatile standard zoom lens with macro shot capability covering wide-angle to medium telephoto

The L-Mount is a lens mount for mirrorless cameras that was launched by Leica and is equally suitable for both the APS-C format and full-frame cameras. Leica Camera, Panasonic and Sigma are set to offer a user-friendly solution that will allow photographers to 'mix and match' any of the three manufacturers' APS-C and full-frame cameras with any lens from each other's product portfolios. The aim of the L-Mount Alliance is to provide customers with a diverse and future-proof range of products. The advantages are a large inner diameter of 51.6 mm that enables the realization of extremely fast lenses and extremely compact dimensions. The configuration of the lens-to-camera communication interface is future-proof and the L-Mount also offers an option for the construction of sealed systems that are insensitive to dust and moisture. The L-Mount thereby opens up an almost limitless spectrum of new creative possibilities.

All interchangeable lenses of the LUMIX S Series provide high performance yet the "LUMIX S PRO" lenses further boast ultimate optical performance to be certified by LEICA for clearing stringent LEICA standards. Panasonic is committed to designing and developing 10 or more lenses with a focus on "LUMIX S PRO" lenses by 2020 and further expanding the S Series lens lineup.

Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 Review -- Product Image

LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 (S-X50)

The LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 is a large-aperture fixed focal length LUMIX S PRO lens that is the core of all LUMIX S Series lenses. Ensuring versatile use with its 50mm focal length and F1.4 high speed, the LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 boasts stunningly high resolution and a descriptive performance from the center to the corners of the image despite its large aperture. It provides smooth defocus gradation from the focus peak to the neighboring area of the image. It also describes the point light sources in the background as impressive, beautiful bokeh. The optical performance of this LUMIX S PRO lens is outstandingly high to clear stringent LEICA standards.

Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 Review -- Product Image

Comprising 13 lenses in 11 groups, the use of 2 aspherical lenses and 3 ED (Extra-low Dispersion) lenses effectively suppresses both axial chromatic aberration and chromatic aberration of magnification. Astigmatism is also corrected with those aspherical lenses, achieving high resolving performance.

Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 Review -- Product Image

A double focus system combining a linear motor and stepping motor achieves sensor drive at a maximum speed of 480 fps. It realizes fast, high-precision AF to ensure that you will never miss a photo opportunity. Adoption of a focus clutch mechanism enables instant AF/MF switching and accurate manual focusing. The LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 also excels in video recording performance with a mechanism that suppresses focus breathing, which was a fatal problem of all interchangeable lenses designed for still image photography.

Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 Review -- Product Image

The refined design of the LUMIX S Series provides high operability as a tool for professionals. The rugged dust/splash-resistant* design withstand use under harsh conditions even in 10 degrees below zero for high mobility. The filter diameter is 77mm, with an 11-blade circular aperture diaphragm.

Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 Review -- Product Image

*Dust and Splash Resistant does not guarantee that damage will not occur if this lens is subjected to direct contact with dust and water.
* Leica is a registered trademark of Leica Microsystems IR GmbH.
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Panasonic 50mm f/1.4 LUMIX S PRO

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