Vivitar 2X Series 1 MC7 AF

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(From company literature) Attach the Vivitar Series 1 7 element 2x teleconverter between any compatible camera and lens to immediately increase the focal length of any shot without losing any sharp detail. The perfect shot doesn't always happen at the perfect distance, and photographers don't always have time to rush right up to grab that moment. This Vivitar teleconverter makes it easy to immediately get closer to a subject without ever making a move. Compatible with Canon, Nikon or Sony SLR cameras, this 2x teleconverter lens is made in a standard size so it will fit on many different types of camera lenses. Made with multicoated optical glass and designed for high-definition performance, the Vivitar 7 Element 2x teleconveter has an anti-reflective coating that suppresses aberrations and prevents glare that might ruin a great shot. While the 2x teleconverter lens immediately increases the focal length, it loses none of its sharp detail and clear precision. Add it to a 200mm lens, and suddenly the lens performs like a 400mm lens. Taking pictures of nature and faraway action is easy with the Vivitar 7 Element 2x teleconveter, and there are no footsteps required.

Vivitar 2X Series 1 MC7 AF

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