Imaging Resource upgrades news system


posted Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 5:24 AM EDT

We're proud to announce that we've upgraded our news system! This should make our lives a bit easier, give us more flexibility down the road and allow our readers to follow only those topics of most interest. Only want Canon news? no problem. Ditto for Nikon or Sony. We're also excited about the design refresh and we've made it more clear when a story is our reporting and when we provide a pertinent press release instead.

Things will be a bit sparse around here till the new system fills in, but until then you can pull up the old News and What's New pages. We'll wait to redirect the old RSS feeds to the new ones till we have a few more days' worth of news in the new feeds. If you'd like to begin following these feeds now, they are: News, What's New and SLRgear.

Let us know your thoughts!