Nikon J1 review posted!


posted Monday, November 21, 2011 at 11:11 AM EST

Nikon's J1 digital camera. Photo provided by Nikon Corp. Click to read our Nikon J1 review!Nikon bided its time before entering the compact system camera market, and when it finally did so last September, wasn't afraid to take a path untrodden.

The Nikon J1 adopts a rather smaller sensor than its main rivals, but in doing so also offers a worthwhile savings in weight and size--not only for the camera body, but perhaps more importantly for its lenses. That's not the only attention-grabbing feature, either. An unusual hybrid AF system and a speedy new EXPEED processor make the J1 swift even by SLR standards, and all this in a body that looks less camera than fashion accessory.

Inquiring minds must know, though: how does that smaller sensor fare against its system camera rivals, and does it offer enough advantage over enthusiast compacts? To find out, click here and read our Nikon J1 review.