Bargain Watch: Canon cameras on Amazon


posted Friday, November 25, 2011 at 1:28 AM EST

Amazon has cooked up some pretty impressive deals on cameras, particularly in Canon cameras that you might do well to check out. Though I've put in list prices, that's what Amazon's putting in as a list; however, I know several of these cameras started quite a bit higher when they were first launched.

Here's a quick and dirty list of models we would not hesitate to buy:

Canon SX230 for $199.99 ($349 list)

Canon G12 for $379.99 ($499 list; yesterday it was $429)

Canon SX40 for $379.00 ($429 list)

Canon 300 HS $149 ($229 list)

Canon 500 HS $209.99 ($299 list)

Canon 100 HS $129 ($179 list)

Canon SX150HS $149 ($249 list)

It also looks like B&H is matching some of these deals (though not the G12), so they might be worth a visit as well. These prices are pretty low, so it's likely they're just for the next three days or less (we're just guessing, though).