Dropbox beta adds photo, video import


posted Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 12:24 PM EST

Dropbox's logo. Click here to visit the Dropbox website!A new experimental public beta of file hosting service Dropbox's client for the Windows and Mac OS X platforms adds photo and video import capabilities, offering an automated way for consumers to store and share their photos.

When an imaging device is connected to the computer running the experimental v1.3.5 Dropbox client build, a transfer of photos and videos will be initiated automatically. Available from the Dropbox forum, the build relies on the Autoplay and Windows Image Acquisition Service features on the Windows platform, so these will need to be enabled. Windows 7 users may also need to manually reassign Dropbox as an import option for the process to work. On the Mac, users of OS X 10.5 may find that devices register as read-only, which will still allow photos and videos to be imported, but won't let device settings persist between connections. Users of OS X 10.4 or earlier and those on Linux systems won't be able to try the new photo / video import features at all.

More details on the Dropbox website...