PK_Tether updated, multi-platform support planned


posted Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 4:11 PM EDT

A new version of third-party Pentax SLR tethering application PK_Tether has been released today, we hear from author Tomasz Kos.

PK_Tether v0.6.0 has a redesigned user interface with switchable panels. It also adds a function for activating and deactivating debug mode in Pentax SLRs, and has reworked communications protocols, as well as unspecified additions and fixes to overall functionality.

The program is said to have been tested fairly extensively with the Pentax K20D, Pentax K-7, and Pentax K-5, with series of around 1,000 shots captured for each model. Other supported models include the K10D, K200D, K-x, and K-r.

Tomasz notes separately that the tiny Pentax Q compact system camera is not yet supported by the program, although work is underway to allow this. Tomasz is also working on an Android version, as well as a version for Mac OS X, although development of the latter is hindered by limited access to Mac hardware. Finally, Tomasz also has plans to offer wireless tethered shooting capability using Raspberry Pi hardware in the future.

More info can be found on the PK_Tether website.