Argraph puts photographers in the frame


posted Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 11:59 AM EST

Argraph's logo. Click here to visit the Argraph website!Photo distributor Argraph Corp. has announced two new products from Samigon aimed at letting photographers join in their own photos, according to an article in today's PMA Newsline.

The Samigon Self Portrait Mirror is a small adhesive mirror that attaches to your camera, giving you a rough idea of whether you're pointing the camera correctly for a self-portrait. It's far from a new idea--indeed quite a few cameras over the years have included built-in front panel mirrors for the same reason, and numerous DIY websites such as Instructables offer guides featuring the same concept--but the Samigon Self Portrait Mirror saves photographers hunting down a suitable mirror with which to retrofit their cameras for the reasonably low cost of around US$6.

Another idea which we've seen many times over the years--and one that again hails back to DIY types seeking to solve the problem of how to achieve tripod results without actually needing to carry one with you--is the Samigon Bottle Top Pod. For around US$10, this lets you attach any camera with a standard tripod socket to the top of a typical drink bottle. The tiny, pocketable bottle-cap tripod mount does rely on your camera being fairly light and placing its tripod mount reasonably near to its center of gravity, but if that's the case, can turn a handy item you're likely to have nearby into an easy way to steady your camera. There's a 15-degree ball-head included in the design, helping you get a level horizon and aim the camera where you want.

More details on the Argraph website.