Add sparkle to your photos with Topaz Star Effects


posted Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 3:07 PM EDT

Topaz Labs' logo. Click here to visit the Topaz Labs website!Ever felt your photos needed just a little kick in the lighting department, to add some dramatic effect? A new plugin on the way from Topaz Labs aims to make it easier to attain...

The Topaz Star Effects plugin creates lighting effects such as you might have achieved with accessory filters, back in the film days. A variety of star types are offered, including traditional, starburst, cross star, and hollywood star, and as well as having them overlaid on the image anywhere there are strong point light sources, you can also manually paint the effect on only the light sources you choose. You can also adjust color, glow, flare and more for the filter, letting you tweak the results for a realistic look, or perhaps for something more eyecatching. Effects can be layered, and results can be exported either with your background image, or as a separate image on a black background, perfect for additional fiddling in Photoshop.

Topaz Star Effects isn't yet available, but will be previewed tomorrow, January 25th, at 12PM Eastern time. Some attendees for the preview webinar will apparently receive free copies of the plugin.

Before and after demonstration of Topaz Labs' upcoming Star Effects plugin. Image courtesy of Topaz Labs.